Interview with my dad-Great thanksgiving listen 2018

An interview with my dad about his childhood and early adulthood

Mom’s most life changing moment

Mom tells me how her life changed after having her first child,me.

End of year project

All about life and how to cope with all of the obstacles

Premature Birth (Senior Capstone)

Tiffany explained her birth weight and how she was born premature.


We talked about my sisters journey to where she is now. We also talked about what she would recommend to the future generation.

Visual Project

My mother and I discuss lessons she has learned and our family.

My Birth

Very funny and straight to the point.

My Birth

I talked with my grandpa about the day I was born.

Interview with Brittany Jacobs and Gavin Miles

Interview with Brittany Jacobs and Gavin Miles the day after confirming they are having a baby

How was it like to lose my twin sister?

We talked about the loss of a possible third child, her overall reaction of guilt and loss, and her plan for the future at that time.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Kowanda Stroud

In this interview my grandmother covers stories of our family, the love of her life, and advice for years to come.

An interview with my mom

She talked about her favorite experience which was when she gave birth to me.

Coleman Interview

The adventure leading up to June 4th


We talked about my dads childhood and his struggles in life.