The Life of Dave

This is an interview of Dave’s life. Dave recounts on his early childhood memories, his career, and how he met my mom.

Levi interviews Grandpa

I learned that my grandpa has some very valuable life lessons to teach

The Magic of Marriage

Interviewing each of my parents, Jamison (37) and Tracey (42), separately. I ask about key and memorable moments in their marriage.

Ryan’s Interview with His Dad About Life Experiences.

Fred came to the USA 43 years ago, attended San Antonio College for one year, and continued on to Texas A&M University shortly after in 1981. After working for seven years as an engineer in Texas, he lost his job...

The Love Story

This interview is with my grandparents, and is mostly about family and relationships.

Ke’yonna Moore and Helen Motley

A grandmother and her granddaughter chat about life, dreams, and memories. It’s their chance to connect on a deeper level.

Interview with Jose Lazo

This is my interview with my dad for my English class.

Grandpa’s Journey

My grandpa grew up in England and moved to America and someone he admires is his wife Esther. He made a long journey throughout his life and one thing he kept as reminder was to be happy.

Geo Hw

We mainly talked about her relationship with my grandpa and how it still amazes her to this day.

Maggie Komp and her grandfather Kenny Mahoney talk about growing up in the South side of Louisville in the 1960s

In this interview, conducted November 28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Maggie Komp (18), interviews her grandfather, Kenneth Mahoney (65), about his childhood in South Lousiville. Kenneth talks about his family life and social aspects of the 50s, 60s, and 70s,...

Interview with my mom

This summary was with my mom . I asked her about 10 questions and in between those questions I asked her for details from her past that I didn’t know .

Papa and I

Talking to my grandpa about life lessons and the past


Me and my Papa Herbie did a grand interview about his past, present, and future

Me and my mom

I interviewed my mother and asked her questions about her life, her life with my dad, and her life with me.

Interview with my uncle

Doctor talks about how his journey has been with Corona virus

Learning What My Mom Feels

Just a quick sum up is that, I asked my mom questions I’ve never asked her and I learned what she feels.