We talked about my mom and her life.

The Great Listen

We talked about life and how it important it is.

The life of my mom

She’s a loving woman always smiling very beautiful

A Mother’s Love

This is my wonderful mother telling me about her love life with my father and her three children, including me.

Interview with mom

Mom talks about her life growing up and what points changed her trajectory.

“I have a lot of happiness Brynn”

Finding out about some of my grandmas fondest memories and just enjoying her wisdom

Marriage is a commitment!

After 57 years of marriage , Bruce and Trudy talk about how they met and what they love about eachother and their life together.

Interview with Mama

I asked my grandmother a few interesting questions to get to know her a little bit more than I did before.

A one of a life time lesson

In this interview conducted on January 13, 2019 in Irvine California, Diangelo Guevara, which is 16 years, interviews his grandfather, William Rodríguez, about his childhood in the country of Puerto Rico. Mr. Rodriguez shares stories about his harsh childhood and...

“I met her on a Friday. We were engaged the following Friday.”

Talk about your whirlwind romances. Keith Dick shares the story of how he met Sheryl and convinced her to marry him and move to Japan. All within the course of two weeks. They celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in 2017.

A Grandmother's Wisdom and Reflections

Miriam (Mimi) Dunham is a wife, mother of 5, sister and grandmother. She reflects on her parents and childhood, proudest moments and some of her regrets. (Apologies for some spotty audio issues!)

Edited Interview: How My Mom Met My Dad

I asked questions about how my mom first met my dad, and the things she went through to get here. I also learned how it changed her life moving to a different country.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am interviewing my Grandfather Mike, he is a great inspiration to me, and supports my love of cars. He is a great man and I hope he lives many more years.

Thanksgiving Listen

I inerviewed my Grandpa on my mom says side. As he was talking to me and sharing with me it became more special to me.

Mother And I

A short and nice interview with my mother talking about early life and understanding how she grew up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Mr. Sandalo Jackson By: Christina D. Walton

Me and Mr. Sandalo Jackson were able to talk about his family heritage and his values. We also, were able to talk about his love and relationship life with his loving wife Miss. Kathleen Jackson.

Your Children are Part of You

You want the best for your child and when they have a problem you have a problem, when they achieve you achieve.