My husband

Interviewing my husband about him and his experiences with me.

Cassie’s beloved sister

We were were discussing why she isn't a nice person and we couldn't resolve the problem

Doctor Gomez

My father spoke of his parents and how he felt about complete graduate school at an older age.

My Father

We talked about how much we care about each other. I gained more insight on what goes on in my father's head.

Reece’s Interview

We were talking about how we were like before and after childhood. How we love one another that family means everything.


This interview on November 2017 in Chaska, Minnesota. Johanna McGovern has a lot of storys. She talks about her family, and all the hard times and good times in her life. She loves her family and grandchildren and everyone loves...

Story time with Nonna:)

We talked about my 84 year old grandma and our family history. Nonna explains all the events in her life that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Grandma Val

This interview was over the phone.

Freshman colloquium project

This is about her favorite memories and meeting my dad

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview between my mom and I. We talked about her life and how being a parent has changed her life. We also talked about our childhoods and what we were like.

Do you really know??

A story about a kid named starren that would have a semi rough life that would have hard encounters such as love and football

Life from Jordan

I interviewed my roommate, mona, and discussed with her the important impacts of her life and how her grandfather has influenced her in many way.

Olivia and Busia

We talked about my mom, my grandmothers childhood and family.

Marion’s World

Marion’s life in 14 questions: the good and the bad.

A Lifetime of Love: Lolo & Lola
January 18, 2018 App Interview

We discussed Noli and Radi's childhoods, transition from the Philippines to America, and their everlasting love. We also talked about their thoughts on getting older and how to raise a family you are proud of.