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A Rollercoaster experience at Busch gardens with my girlfriend.

my girlfriend and I going to Busch gardens. that whole day was definitely a rollercoaster.

Thanksgiving interview with a mother and daughter

This interview was recorded on the 26th of November in Odette's house with her daughter Anita. In this interview Anita and Odette discuss Odette's childhood and life. Odette talks about how she lived and what she wants in life for...

Anna Ma and Ariel Zhao's conversation about the relationship between loving yourself and loving others.

Ariel Zhao(19) talks the relationship between loving others and loving oneself in community building is discussed. Only by properly handling the relationship between the two can we build a harmonious community.

Jim Eyster Was on The Move as a Child

My Grandpa Jim Eyster is a very impressive man who grew up in multiple different states due to his fathers job. His mother lived to the age of 102 and made an impact on my Grandpa’s life and many strangers.

Thanksgiving listen with my grandmother.

My grandmother reflected on her life and the lessons that she learned from it.

An inspiration to me

Me (Jakobie) and my Grandma (Denise Overman) have a nice conversation about the many things that have inspired her to become who she is today. Also many other things such as if she has ever wanted to ask me somehitng...

interview with grandma mimi
November 29, 2022 App Interview

my grandma and I talked about what her life was like when she was growing up, and when she was my age. She brought up how she thinks times have/haven’t changed from when she was my age to now ....

Son interviews mother about life.

In this interview, conducted in September of 2020 in Burlingame, California, Ryan Dokoza(14) interviews his mother about what her life was like when she was growing up and what it is like now. She speaks about her middle class upbringing...

Harold Douglas interviewing Margaret Horn

Margaret Horn is 94 years old and has been one of the most influential people In my life, she is a close family friend through church and has helped raise me.

Interviewing my mommy
November 28, 2022 App Interview

My mother and I (and Alaska) sat down and we talked in the living room.

Affectionate love

Telling me how to overcome anything and be the young men that she raised.

Getting to understand my heritage.
December 7, 2021 App Interview

Yvonne Kuemmerle touches into her life to reflect on her loving family through John Hammer's curiosity and prepared questions, her grandson. She explains her experiences as a kid and how her parents influenced her. John's grandmother gives advice that will...

THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.

Story corps final: Josslyn Escobar

I’m Josslyn Escobar i was interviewing my grandma for a final about her life and the history of her.

Nelson Julian’s inspiring story and thoughtfulness
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Nelson Julian, 62 year old and my second uncle. His life and experience with living on a small island, as well as moving to California. In addition to regrets and special moments he will pass down to younger generations.

awesome interview with grandpa
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Dylan Culbertson, 16 years old Bob Culbertson, grandfather

Yerel interview

she is a kind and respectful person, she is respectful, kind and ready.

Blake short and his loving mother Christi short talk about the legacy she wants to leave to her family on Thanksgiving!

In this Interview, made in November 2017 on Thanksgiving in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Blake short, Interviews his mother, Christi short about the legacy she wants to leave her family with and how she wants to be remembered as not only as...

Interview with my mom

What was talked about was about her happiest memories and her life in Puerto Rico

The Father and son talk

This interview is between a father and son. Joshua is 11 years old and Kenneth is 49 years old.In the interview Joshua asks his dad what it was like when he was growing up and what he likes most about...

Getting to know my mom a little better
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked my mom about 15 questions and got to know some more background information.