Poppop’s life

We talked about my poppop's life in Ireland and about his life in America.


Their live and their favorite moments of their life and mine.

Thanksgiving 2018 interview

Hannah Sexton (16) interviews her grandmother, Gayle Sexton ( ) in her grandmothers dining room in Nicholasville, Kentucky. They talk about Gayle’s childhood and lovelife.

Grandma’s Life and Memories

We talked about her life how she met my grandfather and special moments in her life and dreams for her children and grandchildren

It’s all about my Dad

The talk was a lot about how things affected my dad and what happened to him afterwards

The Great Thanksgiving

interview with my mom about her childhood and life experiences

Who Raised Me

In this interview, I asked my mom questions about her life as a mom, her life growing up, the man she married, and all the life lessons she has to offer.

Grandma Cook’s life

I interviewed my grandma and I learned a lot about my grandma's life and some valuable life lessons that will be very useful in the future.

APUSH thanksgiving interview

Relationships and how to make them work

Memorias De Mi Abuelita

My grandma talks about her childhood and how she came to be. Her life has not always been easy but shes a strong woman.


A response filled with heart-wrenching answer and look backs on history.

Thanksgiving day

I learned a lot tonight about my mom and her childhood and her every day life at work . It was inspirational to me , I’ll someday ask more questions.

Mom’s interview

We talked about my mother’s life. She was not afraid or emotional when doing this.

Grandma interview

We talked about my grandmas childhood and how it was different when she was growing up

“Everything I do is for my family.”

I’ve always wanted to learn more about my uncle. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about his past and present life.

My Dad

We talked about who my father is and the things and people in his life that are significant to him.

grams and auntie

A thanksgiving day interview of our past as a family.