What really matters? Pt. 2

My mom went more into depth about the roots of her childhood and what it was like growing up.

Life In Another Country

My mom and I talk about where she grew up and how her childhood was like.

Birth of two boys

A young couple describes their experience with their first two deliveries of their children

interview with momma

interview with maria (my mom) about her life and her marriage

A Deeper Look Into My Other Half

Got a little deep with my boyfriend. Asked some questions about our relationship and his personal life that we’ve never discussed before.

My Father’s journey from Bangladesh to the US and earning his PharmD

We discussed my father’s life and education in Bangladesh and in the United States as well as his current passion of music

My grandma and I talk about married life

My step grandma and I talk about life with my late grandpa and her faith

Alex Feldt and Devin Day
September 13, 2020 App Interview

Alex and Devin share memories about their decades-long relationship, her struggle with ovarian cancer, and what it's like facing the end of life.

Interview with grandma

This was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I learned so much about her. I feel so much closer to her.

When John Met Sue

Dad and I chat about how he and mum meet and their early days

Momma and Em Interview

For a theology project! Had to interview mom

Odie & Poppie’s Love Story

Poppie and I talked about his history with my grandma Odie. She had a stroke last year, so we are reminiscing about their love story.

Interview with Perri Beth Druen

In this interview with 53 year old Perri Beth Druen her 14 year old daughter, Caroline, asks questions about work, love, and even a nickname related to a president!

A quick chat with Momma

In this interview I picked my moms brain and found out how she really feels about her marriage, our family, and life itself.

Aleta Jacobs life story

Aleta is my grandmother. She told me about her childhood and about where she was born. My grandma told me about how she was when she was younger. This was a great way to get to know her a little...

Years gone by, an interview with daughter number 4.

An interview with my Mom, MaryAnn. Short story about meeting my dad, the jobs she has had, inspiring words, and a story about finding a dead man.

A call from across the country that will make you smile

In this interview my great grandpa, Richard Mast explains his childhood, to his adulthood, and even when he served in the Vietnam War. He expresses the way he met and how he proposed to my late great grandmother (who I...

Annabella Vidal-Ruiz and Anthony Buralli

Husband and wife, Anthony Buralli (32) and Annabella Vidal-Ruiz (32), talk about their experience during COVID as spouses and Annabelle as a nurse working in a hospital.

A call from across the country that will make you smile

My Uncle Sean is in the background to help my great grandfather hear. I ask him questions about his childhood and throughout his adult hood, not mention he also served in the navy and helped our country in countless ways