BC interview to my Grandma

She answered 10 personal questions with experiences she’s had in her life

Moving to the homeland!

When I was 11 my mom made the executive decision to move to Dominican Republic and take me with her. This is the story of how we felt about it.

My Grandmother’s Life

We talked about my grandmother’s life and her experiences.

Senior to Senior a Love Story of Rose & John

Rosemary’s 55 year love story with her husband, John.

queca’s story

In this interview, recorded in Corona, California in April 2019, Stephanie Toledo(21) interviewed Angelica Toledo(53) talked about Angelica’s story migrating to the US from Mexico, her life here, meeting her husband, and the death of her sister. At the end,...


We talked with Don about farming, his childhood, and his wife, Wilma.

Susan Court

We pretty much just talked about her life experiences and what she has learned over the years.

Interview with Carlton Edward Stewart III

This interview includes information about the life of Carlton Edward Stewart III and his path to where he is today.

Interview with my Mom

I talked to her about her teenage years and how she got married to my dad. Then I talked to her about finding out she was going to be a mother.

Story corps project

Interviewing my grandpa from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Interviewing my mother Tracy Chen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We begin with my mother’s childhood, then her career in PR before meeting my father, their relationship, struggles in having Jiming (my brother), as well as me and my younger sister Kelly, and her experience(s) immigrating to the US.

Donald and Nancy

interviewed my grandparents on my dads side Donald and Nancy

Questions for grandma

This interview is about my grandmother and important aspects of her life

My Mom

My mother and I were talking about her how she came to America. Also, about how she feels as a parent.

Margaret Ann Sanders and her grandmother, Kitty Sanders, talk about growing up and living though major historical events.

In this interview, conducted November 23, 2018, Margaret Ann Sanders (16) interviews her grandmother, Kitty Sanders (80), about life growing up, her two sons, and funny memories. She shares how she felt when her parents adopted her younger brother, and...

Thanksgiving Interview

The meaning of family and friends. The purpose of cherishing your time as a teenager

Understanding the Simple Life

In this interview conducted in Knoxville TN on November 25th 2018, Max Fields (17) interviews his step-grandmother Virginia Swaggerty about her childhood, family, faith, and the world today. Mrs. Swaggerty shares stories about growing up and her life through the...