Cailyn Stile interviews Ronald Baran about his Past Experiences

This interview was on November 22, 2018 and Grandpa explained to me about his past childhood and accomplishments throughout his life. He also explained about the time he met grandma and experience in the army.

Granny telling my parents wedding story

Grand father teasing my dad not to marry my mom but they did

My Parents

My parents who have been married 17 years describe the first time they met, their first date, marriage, and when they decided to have kids.

June Shapiro

My nana and I discuss her childhood and life toge

Arzoo Mustafa’s Life

About the process of marriage and proposal. How Arzoo looked back at her High school years and life growing up.

My mom Mariana

We talked about the past and the good old memories of my childhood and many of the greatest moments of my mother’s life

Christian and Mary Anne Nahas talk to their oldest daughter, Eva, about love, life, and kids.

Eva Nahas talks to her parents about their relationship and what they’ve learned throughout the years. A usually very diplomatic duo, Mary Anne and Christian got flirtier than they’ve been in a while. They discuss the best and hardest times,...

Interviewing my dad

We where talking about my dads life story

Interview with my Mother who’s also my best friend

This recording took place on April 20th, 2020 in Orange, CA. Miranda Velasquez (21) interviews her mother, Tonia Velasquez(51). Tonia shares stories about her childhood and how she grew up in Oregon and moved around a lot. Also, she talks...

Interview with Heather Keating about her journey of love with her husband Blase Keating

In this interview conducted on November 25, 2018 my mom, Heather Keating told me about her wedding day and her love story! We discussed what the day was like and the events leading up to the wedding. She told me...

Steve Kovach shares the stories of his youthful romances, misbehavior, and the plans he had for the future.

The interview was conducted by Rebecca Kovach (16) who interviewed her father, Steve Kovach (53). It was recorded on November 23, 2018, one day before Steve’s 54th birthday. It took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in their Grandmothers house....

Emma Leggett and her grandmother discuss living through WW2, teaching high school seniors, and raising two children in Pascagoula, MS.

In this interview, conducted November 24, 2018, Emma Leggett (16) interviews her grandma, Sue Leggett (78), about her children, her teaching career, and funny stories! Mimi, as her grandchildren call her, explains many noticeable differences in the political system. She...

hablando con papa

Hable con mi padre y pregúntele cómo es la vida de un padre.

interview p2

She lived in many places during her childhood. She also celebrated her wedding at the South Coast Fellowship (we actually used to go to this church but now we go to a different one and she also used to work...

Noanie Interview

An interview with my mom, mainly about her time in Hawaii and meeting my dad, David Martin.

Liam and Lawrence Byrne

We talked about the life of my father and some of the good moments in his life.

An Interview with Pa

An interview with my grandpa who lived a simple and proud life of love, marriage, and family.

The Great Listen

I interviewed my mom about many topics such as life lessons, our family heritage, her childhood, her education, her marriage, her jobs, civic engagement, and religion. I learned lots of new things!