“Les quiero compartir mi historia”

In this interview, conducted in April 2020 in Orange, California, Adelin Garcia interviews her father Manuel Garcia about his childhood and beliefs. Manuel shares stories about his life in Guatemala and some of his earliest memories. He shares about how...

A Marines life overseas.

Michael Preston, a Marine corps veteran tells us about his life in and out of the service and being a mechanic in the Marines.

Liam King and David King talk about his childhood and career.

In this interview conducted in November 2023 in Chesterton, Indiana, Liam King (15) interviews his grandfather David King (69) about his childhood and career. David talks about some of his time at school and how it led to his career...

Grandpa maas 12/10/18 with Matt Koi and Spencer Thayne

Grandpa maas health, growing up, his mechanic work, and meeting Tooti, grandma Maas

Pamela Jennings and Wyatt Jennings

Pamela Jennings (57) shares a conversation with her father, Wyatt Jennings (88), about Wyatt’s upbringing on a tobacco farm in Virginia, his time in the armed services, his experience working as an automotive technician, and about the businesses he owned.


Over Thanksgiving break I talked with my grandpa about his life. He told me about his time in the army. He talked about what he did in the army and his times in Germany. He was a mechanic so we...

Kimberly Hopkins and Connie Lint

Kimberly Hopkins (63) speaks with her sister, Connie Lint (69), about her time serving as mechanic in the Air Force and a member of the National Guard. Kimberly considers the discrimination she faced as a woman in the military and...

Jennifer Magalong, Salvador Magalong, and Michelle Magalong

Michelle Magalong (42) and Jennifer Magalong (46) interview their dad, Salvador Magalong (75), about his time in the U.S. Navy and what that meant for what he could offer his family.

Ben Iungerich

My name is Jack Warren, and I am a 38 year old Commercial Photography student. I interviewed Ben Iungerich, 21 years old, on the 17th of March, 2023. I met Ben for the interview and to make an environmental portrait...

Adam Ward and Bert Ward

Bert Ward (66) and his son Adam Ward (34) reflect on Bert's life and love for customizing and improving things from sound systems to unicycles.

Interview With My Favorite Special Forces Veteran

In this interview I talk to my Uncle about his life as a child, his life serving in the special forces, and his life now. This interview shows how ones life as a child can make impacts on their beliefs...

Looking For A Better Life

A 12 year old boy turns into a police officer. On December 31st Viviana Rodriguez asks her grandfather, Rafael Hernandez, what it was like to start working in such a young age and then eventually transition into being a police...

Mateo Rangel and my dad Joel Rangel Talking about his Life.

In this interview, conducted December 1, 2019 in Eugene, Oregon, Mateo Rangel (14) and his dad, Joel Rangel (48) talk about his life. He talks about his childhood, job, and his experience as a father. He also talks about his...

Grandma’s Life in 40ish Minutes – Kathleen & Noa Stoll

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oregon, Noa Stoll (16) interviews her grandma Kathleen Stoll (79) about her childhood, life as a mother, and other in depth details about her life. Kathleen shares stories about her husband, children,...