“You are not a tree, if you don’t like it, change it”

Asked my mom some personal questions got to know about her and her past. She's a really hard worker and enjoys getting out of her comfort zone as well as trying new things. I got to know more about her...

Mapa and Jess | December 15th 2019
December 15, 2019 App Interview

Jesica and Carl talked about what’s important to him and his favorite memories.

Interview with my dad

I asked my dad about growing up and some of his memories.

Sisters memory lane

My sisters childhood and what has made her most happiest in life.

Interview With my Dad, Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers talked about his early life and family members. He discusses many memories and accomplishments that he has achieved through out life while learning life lessons along the way.


The Interview was some personal questions and just getting to know my mom a little bit more and bonding just a little bit more. It all went smooth and was really fun!

Interview for LA

This interview was about my mother and her left before I was born.

School Interview

My neighbor and I participated in an interview where I asked her questions about her family and her memories with them.

Thanksgiving interview

My dad was basically just talking about his best memories in his life. Many things he also talked about were his accomplishments and school too.

Stars and Mom

Moments with my mother have always been deep and meaningful. Most of the stuff I asked her I had already known. We talked about childhoodsand memories of passed regrets and blissful moments one could never forget.

Theology project e.d.

We talked about some memories good or bad that my mom had. We also talked a bit about her advice to me and other kids and even adults can learn from it too. We talked about my birth and what...

Karli and Grandma Williams Interview

This interview consists of shaunas life and just small talk about what’s most important to her.

Rachel Leong interviews her mother, Tammy Leong, on what life was like growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Rachel Leong interviews her mom Tammy Leong about her life experiences growing up. She shares stories about where she lived, her inspirations, battling Leukemia as a teenager, 9/11, and...

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked about memories, for my eh past and present

A Rememberence of Sara Martin

This interview is about our high school teacher Sara Martin. I interviewed my fellow classmate because unfortunately, Ms. Martin passed away in February of 2018.

Mary Josephine Konkel

Jerry, Jeff and Marge Konkel talking about their fondest memories of Jo Konkel.