About Life

It’s about an American girl’s life experience from childhood to a member in the society.

My Assets

This is a story of how I’ve used my personal assets to overcome passing a very difficult and tedious exam.

Phil Marcasciano–A Favorite Memory

I interviewed my father, Phil Marcasciano, about a significant memory from his life. He discusses a particularly meaningful Thanksgiving and why it still stands out to him many years later.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

Interviewed my mom about important occasions in her life this Thanksgiving

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Rabbi Marim D. Charry
November 30, 2017 App Interview

A Maryland teenager asks her grandfather about aspects of his life. Note: Due to the fact that I accidentally recorded too loud, my voice is distorted. Sorry about that. My main objective was to have my grandfather sound fine in...

Linda Baxter art, music, family and life growing up in Rhode island

An interview with a true Saggitarian, Linda who was born and raised in Rhode Island in a multitalented musical family. With an antique dealer mother and a father who could fix anything and play most any instrument it is no...

Interview with Viviana Infante

Overall, I learned a lot about my mom, when she grew up and entering her new life which was parenting. And what she went though in the beginning years of becoming a mother.

Willa Westneat with Corinne Lykins

We talked about Corinne’s life, her goals, and her beliefs about souls and the universe.

Second attempt

Interview with my brother.

Interview With My Beother

We talked about my brother’s favorite memories and things he enjoys

Bringing the joy of music everywhere

Even after her passing, my Mom is still spreading her joy of music everywhere.

Thanksgiving Break Interview

Conversation about life, memories, and the modern world.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

We talked about memories and important life lessons.

Hayden Fulton interviews her Mom about how 9/11 affected her.

In this interview, on November 25 at my house in Birmingham, Alabama, I interviewed my mom about her family history and how certain historical events affected her. She shares how 9/11 affected her and what her favorite historical figures are....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Joseph Ruelas

Today, my mother and I discussed some of the defining moments of her life, and what more she wants to get out of life.

Hayley’s favorite childhood memory

We talked about the mini toy Jeep that her dad made for her. This meant a lot to her then but doesn’t mean as much to her now because of their present relationship.