A Favorite Moment
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My twin sister studied abroad in Mexico for a semester of her sophomore year in high school and I asked her to talk about one of her favorite memories from her time spent there.

Mom’s story

It is questions that involve my mom’s past and her memorable experiences.

Ann Heidkamp, Bernie Heidkamp, and Richard Heidkamp

Richard Heidkamp (83) and Ann Heidkamp (84) talk to their son, Bernie Heidkamp (43), about how they met and fell in love, their memories of their travels, and how they have dealt with the aftermath of a car accident that...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood and work life. We also discussed some of her favorite memories and her family.

I would have to go with you to your parents to come and visit and do a couple stuff

Kelsita sits down with Princess Diana in an unventilated space within an art gallery to explore memory, prompted by preselected discussion questions.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

We talked about memories and important life lessons.


She told me some interesting memories I never heard before

About Life

It's about an American girl's life experience from childhood to a member in the society.

Grandma’s interview

We talk about her past and memories

Hayley’s favorite childhood memory

We talked about the mini toy Jeep that her dad made for her. This meant a lot to her then but doesn’t mean as much to her now because of their present relationship.

Storycrops interview

I talked with Eric. He asked me a few questions about my past life and my thoughts.

Interview with my mom

Me and my mom mostly talked about her high school memories. We also talked about our mother and daughter bond.

Howard Dunn and Joan Dunn

Howard Dunn (84) talks with Joan Dunn (60) about the various jobs he's had in his life. He describes working as a tour operator for his travel company, and taking his family on trips.

Aunt Jessica’s Interview

We talked about her past and how things were growing up.

Interview with mom

We reminisced on memories with my mom about me and her younger years