Interview With My Beother

We talked about my brother’s favorite memories and things he enjoys

Interview of Ben

Asking my sister’s boyfriend 10 questions.

Abby Huntress and Lia Nakabayashi

We discussed the impact of death. We also talked about the impact society has on how we react.

About you and your life

He is satisfied with his life now and trying to change the world into the better world.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Joseph Ruelas

Today, my mother and I discussed some of the defining moments of her life, and what more she wants to get out of life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Rabbi Marim D. Charry
November 30, 2017 App Interview

A Maryland teenager asks her grandfather about aspects of his life. Note: Due to the fact that I accidentally recorded too loud, my voice is distorted. Sorry about that. My main objective was to have my grandfather sound fine in...

My Assets

This is a story of how I’ve used my personal assets to overcome passing a very difficult and tedious exam.

Les Thorpe + Jesse Z

Les Thorpe (77) and Jesse Z have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Les discusses how his political ideology transformed after the 2016 election of President Trump, while Jesse reveals how he balances certain libertarian views with an...

Second attempt

Interview with my brother.

Short Interview

This is an interview by Nora Bevilacqua (15) and Aletheia Lovett (15) about the happiest memories in life.

English Interview

A small interview with modest questions about the past, present, and future of Benjamin Hall-Agerton.

The Great (indian) Thanksgiving Listen

I interviews my grandmother in India and found out things that I had never known before.

Interview with Robert
November 17, 2017 App Interview

Robert told me what he wanted to be remembered and his memories.

Jiu Won Interviewing Valerie Yang about her life.

This interview was recorded in Detroit Country Day Middle School. The date of this interview was April 16th 2018. I interviewed Valerie Yang. We talked about broad topics about her life. Those topics included, her sisters, her books, and her...

Nora’s Happiest Memory

aletheia lovett interviewed nora bevilacqua about her happiest memory