My friend Myles.

Getting to know a little bit more about Myles.

Maureen Greiner’s Story

A review of her life, and significant events that helped shape who she is. Interviewer: Clay Preusch

Linh Truong and vtruong

My dad lived a non-wealthy lifestyle in the countryside of Vietnam throughout his childhood. He traveled to America, and throughout his journey, he faced many hardships.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This video is for The Great Thanksgiving Listen. I learned a lot of wonderful lessons from my family member, and I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with them.

How my mother came to America.

We talk about how my mother had come to America, and the hardships she faced when she arrived.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Kyle Mosley

Childhood memories and transitioning into an adult, looking back.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with Sara Sinovich, the mother of Adam, Jenna, and Jeremy Boonshaft

Father and son, Larry and Jacob Weinberg participate in The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

In this interview, conducted in November of 2017 in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, Jacob Weinberg (14) interviews his father Larry Weinberg (45) about his life growing up. Mr. Weinberg tells of the back story behind their ancestors and how...

Madelyn Ritchie and her Mother have a discussion about her life

This interview took place in St.Louis, Missouri on January 8th 2016. This discussion was held between Madelyn (16 y/o) and her mother Keary (47y/o). In the interview with Keary Ritchie many topic had been discussed. The conversation talked about growing...