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Michael Mains Practice Interview

I plan on interviewing my father on his experience in the military because it is something he doesn’t talk about much

Mother & Daughter

Conversation with my mother about when I was a baby/child. (The picture is an older one)

This is a practice Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am going to interview my father because he’s kinda old and has a very interesting past. He grew up in Puerto Rico only speaking Spanish and then decided to join the army. I hope to find out how that...

This is a practice session for Faith Taylors interview

I'm going to be interview my mom because she grew up in a different country and I want to learn about her childhood.

Interview with my mom, Christine

I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about her childhood, being a mom and her career.

This is the practice for Sheri Clark’s interview.
November 21, 2017 App Interview

My name is Sheri Clark and this is my practice interview. I am practicing to interview my aunt. It will be for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview with my dad about his childhood and some of his experiences growing up on a farm. We talked about how live was growing up on the farm, and if he wished he grow up somewhere else.

Ian Witsaman Practice Interview

Practice StoryCorps interview for composition and rhetoric. I plan to interview my dad. I will interview him because I feel like I can get some very interesting responses. I expect it to be a good interview.

Interviewing my grandma, Joan Heller, about her life and family history

I interviewed my grandma, age 69, for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. She talked about her family, like stories about her mom and brothers. She detailed her battle with cancer, as well as a few other old stories. She shared some...

My Father’s Life

This is an interview with my father. He talks about his life, his family, and his job. He says that he likes his life and would not want to change a thing.

practice session for my mom

I am interviewing my mom because she has lots of stories to tell.

Mahala Earley’s Interview with Grandma

I decided to interview my Grandma, Mahala Earley. We talked about her early life as a child living in Pennsylvania. As well as some of her experiences moving to different states. We also talked about her family and her job....

Shanie’s practice interview

I will be interviewing my friends grandpa because we grew up together and he’s always been like a grandpa to me since mine lives so far away.

This is a practice interview for Josh Fletcher
December 14, 2017 App Interview

I am choosing to interview my mother because we're very close. My mom is a grrat storyteller and very wise.

Moe Holston talks about her life and how it has changed over the years.
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview in November of 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky, Moe Holston tells stories about her childhood memories and how her life was as a child. She tells how she and her husband had met along with the memories she...

Practice for Alli Perrone’s interview

I am interviewing my grandparents about their marriage because they have been married for almost 60 years

This is the practice session for Caleb Nedoma’s interview.
November 20, 2020 App Interview

I will be interviewing my grandma, Natalie Nedoma. I will be interviewing her because she’s lived an eventful life and she has plenty of interesting stories to tell.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I Gavin, interviewed my mother Sarah about her life. I asked what her earliest memories were. I questioned her about her family growing up. I asked about other family besides just her’s at home. I asked questions about her family....

Interview with my dad

In this interview my dad talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and joining the army. He talks about all the places he traveled to and his favorite memory growing up.

This is a practice session for Xander Bunn’s interview.

My name is Xander Bunn is this was a short practice session for when I will interview my dad later this week. I choose him because I think he is an interesting person and has a lot of cool stories...

This is the practice session for Alexis Eckstine’s interview
November 28, 2017 App Interview

I will be interviewing my old babysityer, Ing-e-Lore. She lived in Germany back in the early 1900's. I will be interviewing her to find out what was going on at the time she lived in Germany, and what her thoughts...

Alaina and her mom Jen

Interview with my mom on her childhood