This is a practice session for Will Lemon’s interview

I will be interviewing my dad because he is an all around interesting person and I think he has a lot of good stories to share

Interview with my dad

This is an interview between me and my dad. He talks about his 10 year experience in the military and goes in depth with his favorite and least favorite memories, the different roles he played, and the living conditions of...

Practice Session for E. Fernandez

I will be interviewing my grandma, Diana Grabowski, later on in the week to get to know more about her work life

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her a couple of questions over this thanksgiving break. She grew up in Medina, Ohio and still lives here. She likes listening to christmas music and a lot of other things.

StoryCorps Interview

This is an interview with my father Scott Jones. I interviewed my father because he’s a great person and he’s had an interesting life. We talk about his childhood and I ask him various questions.

My Grandmother and Her Jobs

This is a collection of work stories from my grandmother, Diana Grabowski, along with a lot of her personal experiences along the way.

Interview with my Mom

My name is Sam Herman. I am interviewing my Mom, Shannon Herman. I asked her about her childhood and what it was like growing up with two brothers. I then asked her about myself. I asked her about what it...

Practice Interview for Tera Roberts

I will interview my mom Helen because shes the closest person in my life and someone I look up to. I know she’ll have lots of life lessons and stories, as well as an emotional side.


I am doing a practice interview with my friend Johnny Glad.

Practice session for Terence Burnett’s interview

I plan on interviewing my father, Terence Burnett Sr., (73) my reasoning for choosing my dad is because he will be the eldest member of my family at thanksgiving and because he always enlightens me with wisdom about his and...

Great listen

This interview was with my mom, Kimberly. She is a pediatric psychiatric nurse and I am asking her some questions to reflect on her career.

How my Dad met my Mother, Will Lemon’s interview

I interviewed my Dad and asked him how he met my Mother. He explains how he first met her and how they almost never got together

My mom

This interview was taken with my mom. Throughout the interview, I ask my mom questions about her favorite memories through her life. I learned some her favorite memories of me when I was little, her favorite memory with her brother...

Interview with my mom

Over thanksgiving break I sat down and interviewed my mom Laura Wyatt. We talked about many things. We took a look into her childhood and high school years and she shared some of her favorite memories. We also talked about...

Lindsey and her mom talk about Disney vacation memories and the importance of family.

In this interview, conducted on December 1st, 2019, Lindsey (18) and her mother, Cathy (43), talk about their favorite memories from family vacations to Disney World. Cathy shares about going to Typhoon Lagoon after dark, and the importance of family...

Practice Session for my Interview

I am interviewing my grandma because I want to know what life was like for her growing up and how it's different from my life.

Branden Johnson’s interview

This was an interview of my mother about her child hood, advice she has and random things that I wanted to know about her.

Lauren Pasipanki Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my father, James. I decided to interview him because I was always interested in what his life was like growing up. In the interview, he shared with me where he grew up, his favorite childhood memories, and what...

This is a practice session for Payton Chandler’s interview

I will interview my Grama because she has a lot to say but doesn’t always say it & has a lot of stories that I want to hear.

Lauren Pasipanki’s Practice Interview

I choose to interview my grandpa. I would like to interview him because I would love to hear the stories he has to share

Emmalyn’s Interesting and Fun Childhood

Audrey borak and her grandma, talk about her grandma’s childhood and what life was like in the 1950’s. They discussed what Emmalyn’s teenage self would do on the weekends for fun. What the normal fashion trends were, and how they...

Kat Foster and Marjorie Flemming

I interviewed a resident at the nursing home I work at about her life. *I could not upload a picture of her due to resident protection policies.