Get to Know About my Dad’s Life!

Kevin talks about his childhood experiences as well as what he experienced during the summer when he was off from school. He also talks about his favorite family holidays and his military experiences.

Marine Corp Screening
September 18, 2018 App Interview

We discussed Ralph's time in the Marine Corp

Interview with my great-grandfather

Fred Tejada discusses his childhood in the Philippines in the 1940s and the opportunities he had been given from it

Grandpa Harlow

I learned I knew a lot about my Grampa already, but i didn’t know he likes to keep his private life private and avoids talking about family matters.

Mom Interview

My mom talks about her military experience and the difficulties she experienced in her life.

James Birk

Military life/ fatherhood

Trista Paris and her father Lester Paris talk about his military experience

This interview was taken place in the master bedroom at my house. It was recorded on December 1st, 2020. We discussed what happened in his life during the military and if he was prepared or not. We also discussed how...

Matt Ronan and Michael Marion Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I interviewed my grandad Michael and we talked about his greatest childhood memories, business, politics and more.

Interview with Nancy and Michael Anderson

Talked about many things including their parents, grandparents, what life was like growing up, school, holidays, and the military. Very interesting and learned a lot about my grandparents that I did not know.

My Grandfather

Lots of things ranging from childhood to military life and everything in between, including little things like how he liked to dance and how he got his nickname.

My Dad’s Story

My dad's story and outlook on life, from when he met my mom to how the military has effected him.

Military Part 2

Interview about my father’s military career

the life of Craig Allen a military man

throughout this interview it outlines the exciting and fun parts of the life of my grandpa.

A’miya Betts with her grandpa Kimmie Montgomery talking about his journey through life and a few of his values as well

In this interview, recorded in November 2018 in Flint, Michigan, A’miya Betts (15) interviewing her grandpa Kimmie Montgomery (59). She asked her grandpa many questions about his life and what his values were. He shares many stories about his childhood...

Grandpa Tweets

Austin Stern interviews his grandfather Donald Scotten. They talk about his childhood life to going into the military and being a father and grandfather today. Donald also shares a little about the technology today and about his regrets in life.

Interview with my Lolo (grandfather).

My grandfather and I talk about his early life as well as his military experiences.

My sisters keeper pt2

We talked about her going to the military and why she did it and did she serve in a war zone and where