Donald Mullin and Emily Jacobs

One Small Step partners Donald "Gordon" Mullin (76) and Emily Jacobs (47) share their political influences, how their views have evolved, and their hopes & fears for our country.

Discussion highlighting some of the challenges women face in society.

This interview discusses some of the main questions from my informal research on the topic of feminism in today's society.

A Spanish teacher from Missouri remembers the 50’s and 60’s

My interview summary: I interview my grandma about living in the 50's and 60's. She talks about her childhood, and what it was like in high school during a time of racial tension. She talks about taking a group of...

Interview with grandpa

An interview with me (13yrs) and my grandpa (70yrs) about his life for school

Ernest Mathewson talks about his experience being drafted in the Vietnam era and why that might not have been a bad thing to happen to him

James Connolly interviews his grandfather, Ernest Mathewson. Ernest describes his experiences with luck and fate. Ernest started as a somewhat troubled middle school student. During high school he was sent to a military school where his grades drastically improved and...

Being a young adult in the draft era

My father, Robert Berry, lived through an interesting time- the last US Military draft. I sit down with Mr. Berry and talk about his experience in the US ARMY.

Robbie Callahan and William Franklin

One Small Step partners Robbie Callahan (68) and William "Bill" Franklin (72) discuss becoming aware of the civil rights movement, how they became interested in politics, and having a "minority mindset."

Austin Naughton and Austin Naughton

Father and son Austin Naughton Sr. (90) and Austin R. Naughton (49) talk about Austin Sr.'s military service during the Korean War and a family trip they took to Korea in 2019.

Some Heroes Wear Capes, Others Wear Fatigues

Most people can't imagine enduring the hardships of war, especially at the age of 18. On November 28, 2017, 14 year-old Olivia Reiner interviewed her great-grandfather, Richard Crum, about his experience in the US Marine Corps during World War II....

Fred Jones and Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt (41) sits down with her father, Fred Jones (79), to ask him about his young adult years. Fred shares stories from his time studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology and from his time serving in the U.S....

Adam Hoffhines, Laverne Shaw, and Ralph Shaw

Adam Hoffhines (42) talks with his grandparents Laverne Shaw (85) and Ralph Shaw (87) about their childhood experiences in rural Oklahoma, California, and Kansas. They also discuss living through World War II and differences in parenting styles through the years.

Alexis Rutt and Lloyd Mast

Alexis Rutt (37) interviews her stepfather, Lloyd Mast (76), about his childhood upbringing, being drafted for the Vietnam War and living in Cincinnati, and about the way his faith has evolved over time.

Tina Krasno and Eliza Darling

Tina Krasno (76) talks with her granddaughter, Eliza Darling (17) about her experiences living in the United States during the Vietnam War.

David M. Brown and Sunni Brown Wilkinson

Sunni Brown Wilkinson (45) interviews her father, David M. Brown (71), about his time, experiences, and takeaways from the Vietnam War.