Bryan Feldhiser and Timothy Huck

Friends and One Small Step conversation partners Bryan Feldhiser (43) and Timothy "Tim" Huck (46) discuss their backgrounds and how they influenced their current beliefs.

Story Corps Interview: Robert Radock and his experience in the military

In this interview, recorded on December 12th, 2019, Robert Radock (74) discusses his service in the Vietnam war. He reports traumatic events as well as how this experience impacted him. Moving forward he begins to discuss his later life and...

Sarah Maiberger and Everett Thomas

Sarah Maiberger (61) has a conversation with her father, Everett Thomas (90), about his experience in the service and their life as a military family.

John Agnew and Steven Bates

One Small Step partners John Agnew (59) and Steven Bates (53) have a conversation about growing up in different ways, race and how they developed their political beliefs.

Nikki Webbe-Simmons and Avery Simmons

Spouses Nikki Webbe-Simmons (45) and Avery Simmons (58) share a conversation about Avery’s time in the Army, PTSD, and how he feels about the Army now.

Gustaf Lind and Laura Caffey

Laura Caffrey (61) interviews her father Gustaf Lind Jr. (87) about his upbringing in Saraland, Alabama, his ties to the swamp, and his long marriage and family life.

Linda Hasty and Lester Phillips

Linda Hasty [no age given] talks with her friend Lester E. Phillips (95) about his childhood in South Carolina during the 1930s, being the first Black Eagle Scout in South Carolina, and serving in the military.

R. Kelly Cameron and Helen Cameron

Dr. R. Kelly Cameron (52) shares a conversation with his mother, Helen Cameron [no age given]. They discuss Kelly's childhood, his time in the Air Force, spirituality, and his choice to pursue higher education.

Sophia talks to her grandfather, Ignacio Gutierrez, about his service in the Navy.

In this interview recorded on November 28, 2021 in Albuquerque New Mexico, Sophia Schmelzel (16) talks with her grandfather, Ignacio Gutierrez about his service in the Navy, specifically what he did on the ship and during leave. Mr. Gutierrez shared...

Kabin Thomas and Stephanie King

One Small Step partners Kabin Thomas [no age given] and Stephanie King [no age given] speak on their experiences as teachers, moments they have witnessed acts of racism against themselves or their family, their upbringings and various other topics.

Interview of Dottie Hanly

My grandmother, Dottie Hanly, had a hard life as many people have had. She grew up with 7 siblings in a small home, many people that were close to her were in the military, and she got cancer. After all...

Don Hamlin and Win Harper

Friends Don Hamlin (72) and Win Harper (76) discuss their upbringings, their military and volunteer service, and the importance of their friendship with one another.

David Little and Kevin Ryan

Friends David Little (62) and Kevin Ryan (49) talk about Kevin's experience in the military and remember David's father and grandfather, who both served in the military.

Chase Wakelin and Anita Arms, an American Perspective on the War in Ukraine

Chase Wakelin interviews his great aunt Anita Arms. They talk not only about her military service but how that service has effected her stance and view on the current war in Ukraine.

Laura Keadle and Kathleen Peake

One Small Step conversation partners Laura Keadle (64) and Kathleen Peake (65) talk about their shared sense of adventure, rebelling against spaces that do not traditionally welcome women, and desiring civility in political discussions.

George Felder and Cole Johnston

Conversation partners George "Ed" Felder (71) and Cole Johnston (26) talk about George's life and service in the Air Force.

Jacob Johnson and Edgar Lawrence

Jacob A. Johnson (67) interviews his uncle Edgar Lawrence (92) about his time in the Navy, his transition back to civilian life, and his life after the military.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This interview was about my fathers childhood,military service, and many more happy memories

Katherine Galvin and her uncle Thomas Walsh

Tom Walsh talks about his life growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1930’s -1950.