Meeting My Piano Teacher: Jane Calder

Today I interviewed Jane Calder. I have known her for nine years now. Although I have known her for so long, k have never known much about her. I learned about her childhood, life, mentors, and so much more.

One last question- out of body experience

Last question for Grandpa. He remembers being burnt as a two and a half-year-old and seeing himself from above his own body.

Un milagro

my grandmother suffered from a lightning strike, she was pregnant from my mom, everything happened when she was cleaning the church, it was raining and she had the keys in her hands, she fainted and did not know about her...

A Young Artist Gets A Miracle!

That morning I wished that I could meet with the famous band and network with them. That night I was on stage singing with them! A miracle in Monterrey and in my life as an artist.

The Wonderful Interview with Elizabeth

My wonderful and exciting interview with Elizabeth from the Fellowship Manor