Rueben, an American, born in Africa

Reuben is a missionary child who was born in Africa. He spent most of his life in Africa and has come to America for college.

Talking to a Foreign Friend

Learning more about Chinese culture and the difficulty coming to America in a casual way.

My Grandpa’s life stories

I asked my grandpa questions about his life.

Ali and Montara

This interview was all about Montara's experience in America so far and how it differs from her life in Antigua.

Keith Wessel and Buok Chuol

Keith Wessel speaks about his personal life and conviction to the Triune God.

MLC 2018 Intro to Minority Cultures Interview-Jacob Bitter, Isaiah Glisper

Jacob Bitter and Isaiah Glisper talk about being a minority in public ministry and how to encourage other minority students to consider public ministry

Interview with Sophie

I heard about Sophie's life in China before she decided to come to school in America along with how the transition to our culture went for her.

Transitioning to America from China
November 20, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview with a man who came to the United States from China for education. He discusses his transition to the United States and differences in cultures.