Interview with mom 11/24/14

Me and my mom had a conversation


We covered what he values in life and what he has learned through our mother.

Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day interview...talking to my mom about her childhood.

Interviewing my mom

I asked my mom about things that make her life different from when she first met me, and how both of us alike appriciate each other. And little bits about how her life has changed and how her child life...

History Project

Interview with my mom about, childhood and parenting.

Mom’s history

Mom talks about my childhood and hers as well

Interview with Mom

This was an interview with my mother and we talked about her favorite and least favorite memories of me also how being a parent has changed her.

Let’s talk about Mom!

19-year-old Madison Miller interviews mother about life, family, and fun memories!

Interview with my mom

We talked about where she grew up and some of the things that’s she hopes for me in the future.

Int with mom

We had some fun times and talked about life

Interview with Julie Chow-Wah

Rebecca Chow-Wah interviews her mother, Julie Chow-Wah on what it was like growing up in Jamaica. She discussed many valuable life lessons, experiences with living in three different countries, work life, and childhood stories.

Crossing the street with Mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her about her early life. It turns out that she was a rebellious young kid that liked to cross the road when her mom wasnt looking. She also went to Catholic school for all...

La Vida En El Salvador

This interview was held on April 24 2018 I was interviewing my mom Maria quijada of 61 years old. We talked a lot about her childhood and her experience with the war we also talked about when she would go...

An Interview with my mom

I asked my mom about what motherhood is like and what raising kids is really like.

Interview With My Mom

This is me interviewing my mpther about her lifw and her children.