ap gov extra credit

For this interview i interviewed my dad. I asked my dad seven different questions, the first question was about his childhood and growing up he told me about how he grew up in Ohio and about how he was the...

The Great thanksgiving listen

I talk with my mom about her life asking important questions about her upbringing and her character.

Justin Robinson Interview with Danita Robinson (Mother)

Justin Robinson interviews his Mother Danita Robinson for a 12 grade English Assignment.

My Mom and Her’s

Carissa asks her mother, Cinnamon, about her late grandmother and what she meant to her:

Storytime with Kristi Nipert
December 15, 2022 App Interview

This is an interview with my mom Kristi Nipert. She was born on September 7th, 1965 and is 57. In this interview we discussed memories of her mom, how she met her husband (my dad), and some of her favorite...


Talked about politics and immigration

Mom interview

This interview is about my mom and her life. She spends a lot of time talking about her job and the impact on her life.

Who You Are Today

My mom Michelle and I talked about her life before and our relationship. We talked about emotional stuff that truly brought us closer.

Tessy Thykkuttathil and Teresa Walker

One Small Step conversation partners Tessy Thykkuttathil (69) and Teresa Walker (62) discuss their Christian faith, growing up in India (Tessy) and Texas (Teresa), racism, the impact of their parents, traveling in India and navigating political discussions with friends who...

Mom Intverview

I ask my mom why she decided to come to the US.

GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

We talked a lot about his life growing up and what my mom was like.

Mom Christmas 2018

Interview with mom during her stay with me in San Francisco for Christmas 2018.

so, you’re a mom… cool?

I ask my mom questions about her choices to be a mother and during being a mother. It is very interesting and cool, you guys should listen.