Thanksgiving break Interview

This is a interview to my mom Karla burnett over thanksgiving break and asked her about her life

Interview with Mom

Mama and I having a heart to heart

An Interview with my mom Cindy.

Today I sat down with my mom and talked about her childhood and early adult life.

Lauren’s Interview

This is Lauren’s Interview. She’s a funny lady.

The most wonderful person in my life

My mother, Celica Salgado, details her life experiences from childhood to adulthood to share how she kept pushing forward through anything that blocks her way to her and her families future.

Interview with my Mom

My name is Sam Herman. I am interviewing my Mom, Shannon Herman. I asked her about her childhood and what it was like growing up with two brothers. I then asked her about myself. I asked her about what it...

Me and Ma

Asking my mom some questions about life or whateva..


Me(Enmanuel Peña) interviewing my mom (Ana Bonilla) based on her life. She lived in the Dominican Republic for 27 Years and has lived in the United States for the last 23. My mom has gone through a lot in her...

Human Development interview

In this interview, we discussed accomplishments though out the lifespan, and people that have impacted the development of my mom.

Journal 30

Interview with Mother

Mom’s interview

We talked about how it was for my mom growing up and we kind of compared my life to hers growing up.

Coleman Project

An interview with my mom about her life

Com 150 Mom

My asking my mom about things about her life and her hopes for me

The Great Listen with Roberta Reynolds Christmas 2018

Mom shared memories from her childhood scrapbook. She talked about her childhood, meeting Dad, and her early years as a nurse.

Interview with mom

I interview my mom who shared many stories I had never heard before and made me laugh with some experiences she went through.