Life Changes with Jonaline Duldulao

In this interview I talk with my mother about her experiences from living in the Philippines, to her life in the United States including obstacles as well as her dreams.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Grandma

In this interview, I spent some time with my grandmother as she discussed her daring mother’s trip from Italy to America, her childhood in the face of poverty, her parents’ influence on her life, her experience in the military, and...

Mother & Child

In this interview, I ask my mother a series of questions regarding our family history, how she met my father, and her relationship with me. The interview is both interesting and emotional and displays the strong connection between mother and...

Hampton Interview

We talked about love, relationships between people of all kind, and strength through positive and negative experiences.

Lisa Oakley (Grandma)

I decided to interview my grandma about her family and learned more about her past and what she learned in her younger years.

CTC Student Interviews Mom About Her Life And Loved Ones

I interview my mother about her childhood, family, and other thoughts. She talked about tings such as my dad, her parents, and me. She also talked about her memories. She lets me know how proud she is of my family...

Interview with my mom

Talking with my mother after Thanksgiving.

My Past Is Your Past

Although I never knew my great great grandparents, this interview with my grandmother made it feel like I knew them my whole life. On December 31, 2018, I, Kate Godfrey, interviewed my grandmother Carol Burns in Scottsdale, Arizona. The stories...

Dawn Williams & Alexa Williams Part 2

Divulging the stories of Dawn’s childhood and present insights

Legacy of May Brill, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, veteran, woman.

May Brill, 1st generation American, fought for the United States in WWII, leaving a legacy of Love and remembrance. At 93 years old, she is New Jersey’s Chairman of Women in the Military, and championing the rights of all women.

Susan osborne

Interview with my mother on various questions regarding her past present and future life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen//Mom

My mother and I talked about both her past and present states of her life goals and dreams. Also, we discussed the legacy she hopes to leave behind her.