My Interview with Jessy Busch

This was an interview learning about my mother’s past and things that she has done in her life.

How Was Raising Me?

Asking my mother about how raising me was for her.

A mom of 4 kids with autism

My mom shares some aspects about raising 4 autistic kids around 5 years of each other.

Me and my mother talking about life

Well this was the interview with my mom I really did learn things I didn’t know before! It was very cool to do this and I felt like I had gotten closer with my mother and my dog haha. Sorry...

Mother/Daughter Relationship

We talked about memories from the past , present , and future .

Helen Barr: From A Sharecroppers Daughter… Modern Day Superhero.

This was about my grandmothers life as the daughter of a sharecropper, and the advice she has for her family generations to come.

Aleksia and Evis Bruzho

An interview that talked about my mother’s accomplishments and life story

My Mother

I interviewed my mom and I got to learn some cool things about her

Maria Callard

In this interview, we discussed my mom’s experiences leaving her country of Chile to the U.S and many of the lessons she has learned along the way.

Michelle Weiner- A Mother’s Interview

Michelle Weiner is an incredibly loving mother who has lots of amazing advice and memories that she has shared graciously.

Motherhood: Lessons from Generation to Generation

My mom, Shirin, grew up in an Iranian-American home, then suddenly lost her mother when she was 14. We talk about how those experiences shaped her and her perspectives on motherhood.

Chat with mom

I ( Victoria) get to know my mom ( Eva) a little better. I ask her questions about her life and how she’d liked to be remembered.