Interview with Dede King Part 2

Learning about my mothers journey through life.

“It is better to do for others than to do for yourself.”
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Avery Thomas interviews her mother Jocelyn Thomas, who shares how she learned to believe in herself and that it is better to do for others than to do for yourself, and the power of perseverance and family. Jocelyn shares both...

Eva talks about her life before she came to America and after she came. ” How did you feel when you came to America”

In the first parts of the interview Eva talks about her life in Ecuador and all her memories of her home country. Then during the next part of the interview She talks about her life when she first came to...

“I will never send you away”

In this interview, conducted on November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Victoria Diaz (16) interviews her mother Annette (51) about growing up in New York and being sent away at 16 years old. Annette shares the difficulties and...

Brenda Escalona: Growing into being a mother.

Marcela Maya interviews her mother, Brenda Escalona, about what her life has been over the years and how her family and kids have changed her life.

The Love and Warmth Only a Mother Can Provide

I interviewed my grandmother, born and raised in the Philippines, about her life. She talked about my grandfather, how it was like raising her children in the Philippines, how my dad was like when he was younger, the level of...

An interview with a Mother

An interview with my mother. She gives a little bit of advice.

Remembering Grandmommy

Bella Chavarro and her mother Amy Chavarro look back on Katie Van Zyl’s life.

Mother’s story

Daughter sits down with mom to talk about life before coming to the U.S.

Natalie Stras and Camille Stras talk about how their travel business crashed after 9/11 in 2001.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Elgin, Illinois, Natalie Stras (18) interviews her mother Camille Stras (60) about how her and my father had a travel business as a new job and after 9/11 it crashed because no...

Ozzie Cross and Kimberly Cross Spears

Ozzie L. Cross (78) is interviewed by her daughter Kimberly A. Cross Spears (52) about her memories growing up in the 1950s, meeting her husband, becoming a mother, and other life experiences.

Thinking of Mom: Dream Reflections

Reflecting on a very short and loving dream, thinking of life and a dearly departed mother.

Is there more to my mother, than just being a mother?

This is a interview with my mother, Rachael Powers-Burt. In this interview I learn a little more about my mother than before.

Shiho interviewing her 92 year old Grandmother

In collaboration with Shiho, we have launched the Obaa-chan in the cloud project. She has interviewed her 92 year old Grandmother, her mother and aunt for her children to be able to access “in the cloud” when they share these...

Mom and Me

My mom and I talking about life.

A feminist rant & emotional conversations

my best friend Taylor and I dig deep about what it’s like growing up as woman, her role models, struggles, and threats our administration have been making against women


A mother’s opinion of the war

Interview with my mom

In this interview we discuss motherhood and our relationship.

Un regalo para el futuro

Una conversación que tiene como objetivo trascender a las futuras generaciones de la familia Alfaro.

In The Mind of My Mom

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Lafayette, New Jersey, Sammi Gasparini (18) interviews her mother Stacey Gasparini (49). Stacey talks about her love for her husband and daughter. She also gives advice and talks about important happy memories...