interviewing my mom about her life, childhood and wishes for me and my kids

I interviewed Renae Sieling in Madison WI, on December 1st 2019. She talked about her relationship with Brian Outhouse and her hope in dreams for her child, Me Gloria Outhouse-Sieling. she talks about her childhood with her parents and her...

Interview with Michelle Garcia

Interview with my mother, Michelle Garcia, the day before Thanksgiving.

interview of mom

a quick interview with my mom

Mom interview

This is an interview with my mom. I just ask her a few questions about her life and about family.

Me and My Mom

Me and my mom talked about her past and childhood, living in Turkey as well as some other family members who passed away. She also gave me some life advice for later use.

Interview with my dad

I decided to interview my father for this project.

Maria Santiago Interview

Maria is a migrant from Mexico and lives with her family.

My mother’s interview

I ask my mother about her childhood

Interview with my mom

This summary was with my mom . I asked her about 10 questions and in between those questions I asked her for details from her past that I didn’t know .

The Story of a Mother

Interview of my mother about her childhood and future

Thanksgiving Interview
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Talking to my mother about her struggles with immigranting to an intimidating country, but overcoming all her fears.

Hey mom

My mother tells me about her childhood and her ambitions in life, including where she wanted to be in her life

Mother’s day

Interview with my mom for mother’s day about her life

Growing Up in Saudi Arabia

My mom had a nice conversation with me about her experiences growing up in a foreign country and how her middle school life was

The Teacher

This is an interview of Marie Sasser done by her Grandaughter, myself, Clara William where we discuss growing up in a small town and her life as a teacher in a much larger town.


We talked about the regrets the interviewer may have, her advice, and her happiest memories.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom about her life and the struggles she has encountered and what she has learned.

spencer farr’s interview for the great thanksgiving listen, 2017

My mom and I discussed her past and answered 15 questions about her.

Childhood Memories

My mother answers some childhood questions