Little Bit of Hope in a Time of Despair

I interviewed my step-mother, D’Audra Cole-Hunter, about her experiences in a social media community, as a small business owner, and a believer of God in a time of hate, hopelessness, and despair.

What’s your meaning?

We talked about how it’s never too old to follow your dreams and do what you enjoy. Independence and doing for yourself is key.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I ask my mother a few questions about heart past and how parenthood has gone for her.

Mothers Memory

For my StoryCorps interview, I decided to interview my mom, Ginny Campbell. I decided to interview my mom due to her being the only elder in my family to grow up in Vestavia as I did, thus creating a viewpoint...

Insightful Lessons and Wisdom Regarding Life from my Mother.

I ask a few questions regarding my mother’s childhood memories and her life. Along with that, I also ask her to elaborate on some important lessons she learned in her life to help me and future generations.

Joy Drohan and Prudence Robert 4-26-2020

jdrohan: 2020-04-26 20:42:47 Joy Drohan (49) talks with her mom, Prudence Robert (78), about growing up, working as a nurse, isolation during coronavirus, etc.

How COVID-19 has affected older generations

This is a mother-daughter interview discussing the current pandemic and how people are adjusting

My Mom

Interviewed my mother and asked her a few questions.

My Mother

A few words from my mother dwelling on the past, appreciating the present, and looking forward to the future.

Mom and me Thanksgiving 2016

I finally got to ask Mom a few questions about her life and record it while she visited me for Thanksgiving.

Be postive

Me a d my mother have an interview

the great thanks giving listen

a talk with my mother about her life

From Casa to Home

It is 2018 in Los Angeles, California and fifteen year old Emma Goss interviews Olga Friedman, her beloved Grandmother, about her journey to Los Angeles from Sonora, Mexico. The interview takes place in the bedroom of Emma on the morning...

Interview with Leslie Berenfeld

I had an interview with my lovely mother on October 7, 2018. We discussed what it is like to be a parent, her favorite memories of me, and more. We discussed snippets of her childhood and other parts of her...

Interview with Mom (pre-first grandchild)

Interview with Mom, on Mother’s Day 2018. About 10 weeks out from the birth of my child, her first grandchild.


Vanessa was born in LA but has been moving around as a little kid , has to gone through board school and not see her mother for a couple of years but she has gone through all her problems and...

My mother explains her life and my life

My mom tells all the adventurous stories that went on her life and mine in this quick interview