Brianne’s story

Her experience of moving to Hawaii.

Renee Bell and David Goodwin

Renee Bell (47) interviews her father, David Goodwin (71), about his childhood, and his experience building the house Renee grew up in.

Jake Baumhofer and his mom Lisa Baumhofer talk about how moving around as a kid had an effect on her.

In this interview, conducted in Greenville, South Carolina, Jake Baumhofer (14) interviews his mom, Lisa Baumhofer (45), about how moving around had an effect on her. Lisa talks about how she grew up in a military family and therefore moved...

Interview with Michelle Fluellen

The story of my mom moving from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands to Atlanta, Georgia.

interview with anup rimal

I asked my father about his hardships about coming to america, like leaving his family and dealing with money issues. After many years of struggling he’s successful today!

Interview with my Cousin~

This is my Interview with my cousin, Yanna, who traveled from the Philippines to the United States~

Interviewing my best friend of 15 years

In this interview listen to my best friend Sean's life experiences and try to learn how they shaped him.

Michelle Zhang & Zhenjin Han: China to the United States

Michelle Zhang and her mom discuss her life in China, as well as her journey moving from China to the United States and the difficulties she faced along the way.

Life Experiences with my Mom

My mom and I talked about her life experiences in general and how it was like for her growing up in India compared to living in the United States.

Gail Newman and Isabel Triplitt

Gail Triplitt Newman (70) interviews her mother, Isabel Andrews Triplitt (98), about growing up during the Great Depression in Columbus, GA and how Isabel's life changed as she married, had children, and moved to new cities.

Yamato Matsumura interviews his dad, Keigo Matsumura and talks about his early life and his life now. (Japanese)
November 21, 2018 App Interview

Keigo Matsumura talks about this most proud memory which was earning his certification for certified public accountant. Keigo also talks about him as a child wanting to be a professional baseball player. He was in a non professional baseball team...

Life in the US

The interview was about how life was in India and America for my brother and the differences between the two.

Interview with Sanjay

I talk to my dad about his life in India as well as America. He goes through his life and tells me about his highs, lows, and what his goals are.

Marlene Rubin and Rheda Bloom

Marlene Rubin (57) shares a conversation with her mother, Rheda Bloom (84), about their family, parenting, and maintaining an optimistic perspective through life.

Interview with Jenny Trask – a tale of migration

Interview with my Mom about our big cross country move. We talk about the good, the bad and all the love in between.

Growing up in a multicultural household and experiencing culture shock and bullying

A 15 year old and 13 year old talk about what it’s like going from being the majority to being the minority. They explain what it was like to grow up with multiple cultures and being different from everyone around...

Keny Medina and Nikki Garcia on Cultural Differences
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Nikki (16) and Keny (44) discuss about the hardships Keny had to go through moving from Mexico to America at 19. Keny shares funny stories about Nikki growing up as well life lessons she's learned. Keny shares insight on how...

The Necessary Transitions

On November 24th, 2017, in Sherman Oaks, California, fourteen year old Gehna Chugani interviewed her grandmother, Chitra Chugani about her close knit family, her childhood, and her move from Pakistan to India to the U.S.A. The happy memories from when...

From Thailand to the USA

Today I sat down with Ploy to discuss life in Thailand versus the USA and the adjustment she made when moving to the states alone at the age of 17.

Interview with Sydney

Interview was with Sydney Wilson and we discussed the trouble of her moving away from her home and friends. Having to move down here made a big impact.

Interview with May McLean

Kyle asks May McLean questions about her childhood to her adulthood. About what it was like moving statuses. And what she thought her new home was like and how she went into her adulthood in Michigan.