Story telling project

I got to interview my mom about moving form india to america

Edited Interview: How My Mom Met My Dad

I asked questions about how my mom first met my dad, and the things she went through to get here. I also learned how it changed her life moving to a different country.

Aviva Berke and her Aunt Jen talk about growing up in Rochester, NY and moving to Canada.

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2018 in Rochester, New York, Aviva Berke (16) interviews her aunt Jennifer Dockstator (57) about their childhood in Rochester and moving to Canada when she grew up. Jennifer shares stories from her family...

Interview with Mom!

She talks about her life growing up and moving from across the world

G-ma’s life story

I asked my grandmother questions about a variety of things/ events throughout her life. I then asked follow up questions regarding the main questions about family, home location, traveling, etc.

New life miles away from home

Alex arrived from Durango, Mexico 5 months ago. In December when I visited him in Mexico he would constantly mention how he wanted to live the American Dream. Now his dream came true, and although his life isn’t exactly how...

An Interview with My Religious Mum

This was a spur of the moment interview with my very religious mum about her life and a few parts about the life of her family and friends. Filled to the brim with verses and advice for everyday lifd, especially...

The challenging move from Italy to the United States and its Impacts On Nicola Medugno’s life.

Nicola Medugno was a regular child born and raised in Naples, Italy. He shared his amazing memories from his childhood. He then met a remarkable women who he married, moved to New York with and started a family. He shares...

Moving Out.

I interview my father about him moving out.

Interview with my dad

In this interview, I talk with my dad about his upbringing, life in college, living in the U.S, and how he raised my sister and me.

John Harkin talks about his life experiences with his son Jack

John Harkin describes some of the things that he learned growing up as a child. What his role in the house was and how he learned to be a mechanic. His experiences of going back and fourth between America and...

Moving to the U.S.A Interview with grandma

We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of moving and living in the USA.

Aubrey Covington and Mary Sue Schumaker talk over the Thanksgoving holiday

During this interview on November 23rd, 2017 in Tampa, Florida, Aubrey Covington (age 23) interviews Mary Sue (age 87) during Thanksgiving. Mary Sue talks about her recent move and how her family supported her decision to move away from the...

Ruby Nell Interview Part II

We discussed her childhood and details about her past. We also discussed how she found her way to Arkansas and her life after leaving home.

TGTL Els Interview

This interview is with my Neighbor Els she was born in Holland then moved to America when she was one. This is her story.

Ramon Huaracha

This is an interview of my father’s journey from California to Wisconsin

Mommy’s moments

Mothers adventure from Dominican Republic to the United States when she was younger. Memories of the past that I didn’t even know flourished.

Interview with Linda Mainus

Her childhood and some of her favorites things in her life right now

Family to Family
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Mr. Smith moved from his blood brother caring for him to his adopted family.