“Why’d You Join the Navy?”

A young 14 year old trans boy ask his grandpa about his navy experience and how his life turned out

What it was live in the past.

This was about my grandpa and what life was like back then.

Mackenzie and Mark talk about being in the navy and daily life.

In this interview, me and my dad Mark talked about many things that included being in the navy, his work life now, and his hobbies. He had a lot to talk about when he was in the navy. He told...

Interview of Otto Alfon Zipf

Ininterviewed my grandfather about his time as being the son of an immigrant, and working in the military.

My Mom’s Story on the Navy and the Intelligence Community

My mom was an navy intelligence officer for 3 years and then left the navy to work for NCIS as a civilian intelligence analyst.

Interview with a veteran who is my brother

Talking with my brother who was in the Navy and left in the middle of a pandemic

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my grandfather’s service in the Navy and Airforce Reserve.

Malloree Morrison and her parents talk about family, early life, and love.

In the small town of Freeport, Pennsylvania, Malloree sat down at her kitchen table with her parents, Helen and Will Morrison. The conversation started with Will and Helen talking about their parents and grandparents. Malloree listened as her parents went...

Sammy Erjavac interviews Mike Mcmurry

An interview with Mike Mcmurry conducted by Sammy Erjavac. About his childhood, military, and love.

Grandpas Navy career

My grandpas Navy career as a radioman in the 50s, E5

Nikita Hartzheim and her grandfather Greg Kraft talk about his childhood and military experience.

In this interview conducted November 25, 2018 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Nikita Hartzheim(14) interviews her pappa, Greg Kraft(73) about his life including his childhood, marriage and his time in the navy. Mr.Kraft talks about how he remembers the air aids of...

Interview with my dad

We talked about his past life, and what he was like as a child/young adult

Life in the Navy

I interviewed my dad about the time he spent in the navy and his experience.

The decision to serve the country

Brina Smith: Interview with grandfather about growing up and joining the Navy at 17 and his life after. 2021-11-11 01:20:32

Me and my dad!

my dad talked about how it was being in the navy!

Edmond Boudreaux’s Experience with Integration

This interview was recorded in Oxford Mississippi on November 26. I interviewed Edmond Boudreaux who is my grandfather and was born in Georgiatown, South Carolina and now lives in Biloxi Mississippi. He talks about public bus integration and his first...

SNSI Instructor

I’m having an interview with my SNSI instructor about his experience in the Navy and adaptations he made for it.

English interview with Gerald burnham

Interview with my grandfather about his early life and his time with the navy in a submarine

Ken Luse

My grandpa (Poppy or Ken) I think really enjoyed talking about his time in the military. He also seemed confident about meeeting my grandma (Nanni or Patti).

Chief Said This Is It

I talked with my father about his experiences in the military.

Steve submarine

A story about a time when they were in Scotland and off the coast of Florida doing submarine work