theater interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his childhood, what it was like in the Navy, and his injury that has forced him to be in a wheelchair.

Talk with Tom

Thomas Kasner, 72, talks about how his circumstances growing up has impacted his life and given him the skills to become who he is today.

Salem High School NJROTC VETS TO CADETS – Petty Officer 1st Class James Clinton

Petty Officer First Class James Clinton shares his story of the military life. He explains the benefits and the challenges he had overcome as he worked further in the service.

Ken Luse

My grandpa (Poppy or Ken) I think really enjoyed talking about his time in the military. He also seemed confident about meeeting my grandma (Nanni or Patti).

US History Final Exam

In this interview we discussed sheila’s upbringing and parents.

Chief Said This Is It

I talked with my father about his experiences in the military.

Me and my dad!

my dad talked about how it was being in the navy!

Life in the Navy

Veteran reflecting upon his 20 years in the Navy

SNSI Instructor

I’m having an interview with my SNSI instructor about his experience in the Navy and adaptations he made for it.

English interview with Gerald burnham

Interview with my grandfather about his early life and his time with the navy in a submarine

Interview with my dad

We talked about his past life, and what he was like as a child/young adult

The decision to serve the country

Brina Smith: Interview with grandfather about growing up and joining the Navy at 17 and his life after. 2021-11-11 01:20:32

Gabor Szovati and Melanie Alvarado
November 24, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Gabor Szovati (63) and Melanie Alvarado (38) talk about climate change, their experiences working in correctional facilities, and their parents' influences on their political views.

Jose Del Rio and Nathan Norton
November 16, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Jose "Tony" Del Rio (55) and Nathan Norton (48) talk the lack of opportunity and appropriate spaces to have respectful conversations about politics. They also both discuss their experiences in the Navy and their current...

My life, then and now, by Greg Young

Life growing up in a military household and how experiences helped shape my decisions.

Life in the Navy

I interviewed my dad about the time he spent in the navy and his experience.

Bob Interview

I interview my grandpa Bob about his life and life in the Navy.

Me and Dad 2020

Dad, Cliff Rose, and I, Vivian Rose, talk about his life and the impactful people he has met.

John Hayes

Time as a child, time in the military and how you want to be remembered

G-Rams’s story

We talk about her time as a child and her relationship with my father while he was in the Navy.

Interview with my Mom about the life of her Dad and my Grandfather, Thomas Scott Cobb.

My mom dives deep into the life of her Dad. His upbringing, Navy Seal days, college life, jobs, and family life are discussed and interestingly portrayed.