My father, Ronald

This interview is generally about my father, Ronald St. Hill, talking about his life and also his views on life and what he has experienced and and his moments in life

Raised By A Community

In this interview, my dad talked about how he was guided through most of his life and wishes he could have taken more risks.

Interviewing Varinia Siefker on early life and first job.

Samira Siefker talking with her mom Varinia about early life and first jobs.

Senior capstone

My moms backstory and life expierneces and personal thoughts

English 10

We talked about her family and her childhood

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Her life, my life, and anything that came up.

Parent interview

Me talking to my dad I felt like I know more about him

Interview with me Grandma

Interview with my grandma about her life before I was born!

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My mom talked about important moments in her life, and briefly talked about her childhood.

All about her life

Who exactly she is. And what like was like for her growing up and then now

Mom and Me

My mom and I discussed the early stages of her life and growing up in a small house with a small family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about her lifetime, the most important people in her life, and how she wants to be remembered.