Me and my roommate discussing life. Unfortunately, we had to stop early


Allyson has enjoyed being with her cousin Kim the most

My Mom’s Life

We talked about my family history, many experiences in my mom’s life, and pieces of advice she has for me and the future generations. My Mom’s stories and things she had to say have brought me and her closer. It...

“You are stronger than you think and know that you are always loved”

Asking my mother some heart felt questions to reflect on her life and get some advice for others.

Life long interview

Charlene Lusk is a retired music teach who has a lot of things to explain about her teaching history as well as her childhood.

Interview with mom

I talked to my mom about where she lived, how she grew up, why she lives where she does now and how she got here.

My Life

My life is about my whole journey I had went to threw my whole life. It shaped me the person I am today

Grandpa pt 3

The other recording stopped so I had to start a new one

The Great Thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my dad and talked about family. We also talked about hunting and outdoors

It is important to always stay patient

Kristen Morris is interviewed by her sister, Jessica Kleppel. Kristen talks about growing up in the 1970s and having patience throughout life, and not being able to control everything.

Nebraska is my home.

This story is about my mothers life in Nebraska and in utah

Sky interview

Had to do an interview for an assignment and had to make a list of questions to ask the interviewee