asked my mom questions about her life growning up and my grandparents life.

The Corona Cast

We covered topics of life today and interests and hobbies.

My Mom’s Legacy

This is an interview of my mom about her different life experiences. She explains what she has learned and gone through in her life.

The great listen 11/24/18

I(Andrew) interview my dad on the course of his whole life and the specific events/moments he remembers the most.

Ethan and paul’s interview

An interview about paul's past and any advice he can give the current generation

Victoria and August discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 19, 2021 App Interview

Victoria and I take a shallow dive into the climate crisis and what can be done to stay healthy and positive during these changing times.

Life of Sandra Marban

I learned about her life beyond what i see when i talk to her, and got more info about the things she did as a kid.

Allen interviewing oscar

My home boy Oscar and I talking about life and some questions


We interviewed for an English classs

YC Interview

A short summary about my Aunt’s life

Brenda interview

It was very interesting to find out something I never knew about my neighbor.

Interview with my mom Nedelsy!

Asking questions about my moms life present and past.