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I interviewed my father, Erik Kikut alongside his troubles and experiences of coming to the United States as an immigrant from Norway.

I sat down with Erik Kikut who is my father and we talked about his struggles and persearvance of becoming an immigrant of a new country and devoting his life to whom would be his future wife. Interview is about...

Leeanne discusses identity, relocation, and emigrating to Norway. “When people ask where I’m from, sometimes they mean, why are you black?”

In this interview, Tania interviews Leeanne about growing up between England and the United States, and eventually moving to Norway, as well as the obstacles in moving. Leeanne talks a little about long-distance realtionships. They also discuss how what you...

Cultural Differences Between Norway and America
November 12, 2021 App Interview

This interview is a discussion of the cultural differences between Norway and America. We discuss holiday traditions, education, exchange programs, sports, and treatment of persons.

Chat with Aunt Marcie

Chatting with Aunt Marcie about my family heritage.

Gudmund Iversen describes his time as a child in Norway during the German occupation, 1940-1945

This was an interview about the memories of Gudmund Iversen during his time as child in Trondheim, Norway, during the German occupation. Although just a young lad, he shares vivid memories of that tumultuous time.