Geania Dickey and Arlean Rogers

Geania Dickey (56) shares a conversation with her grandmother, Arlean Rogers (100), about Arlean’s childhood, her work, her family, and her capacity for unconditional love.

Kristi Borge and Linda Marsh: One Room Schools

Kristi Borge, age 33, is the 2021 Montana Teacher of the Year and is a multi-grade teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in southwest Montana. Kristi visits with her supervisor and mentor Linda Marsh, age 65, who is the Beaverhead County...

Sophia Skinner and Beth Skinner

Sophia Skinner [no age given] interviews her mother, Beth Skinner (78), about her childhood in Olden, Missouri in the 1950s.

Ann Reilly and Bernadette Krentz

Bernadette Krentz (85) talks to her daughter, Ann Reilly (60), about growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, going to Beauty School, traveling, and raising her own family on the farm she and her husband bought in 1960, where she...