Dr. Alan Lewis. OD, Ph.D

This is a conversation with Dr, Alan Lewis held on April 2nd, 2019.

Light of My Life

An interview between me, Leila, and my grandpa, Leonardo where I ask him about the love story between him and my grandma. He talks about how they met, their secret marriage, and the story of his immigration to America with...

Dr. Barry Fisch, OD

This is a conversation with Dr. Barry Fisch

Niru Aggarwal Part I

Niru’s life, advice to her descendants, and anecdotes.

Dr. Stacy Lyons, OD

This is an interview with Dr. Stacy Lyonson April 11, 2019.

Dr carlson

Dr. Carlson’s background and work at NECO

Profile of Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa, Bill Papierniak, about his experience being drafted into the Vietnam War and how it impacted him.