Interview of person who inspires me

my mother, 46 years old and we talked about her life and what has happened and what is going to happen going forward.

Recording – 11-27-2023 17:42:15

I was interviewing my grandma who is 83 and her name is Marie Lambert. Her favorite person to see is her brother at thanksgiving. She really like pecan pie because she likes the pecans.

Meet New Jersey's Decoy Carver of the Year, Nancee Jo Luciani!

Join Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck as she interviews Nancee Jo Luciani, the New Jersey Decoy Collector & Carver Association's Carver of the Year for 2023, and the first female carver in the history of the organization! Nancee Jo has not...

Jamie Meurer and Daemond Benjamin

Coworkers Jamie Meurer [no age given] and Daemond Benjamin [no age given] share their experiences over the last few years as on-track coordinators working with ninth-graders in Hartford, CT.

The start of something new Behind the scenes of Mattison Joyners in an interview with her sister NaKyah Wooten

Mattison Joyner (18) discusses her life with me NaKyah Wooten(20). We discussed her growing up, where she sees herself in the future and how she is now

Paradox and Progress

My mother and I are talking about progress in society and the lessons that she has learned throughout her life.


We spoke about politics

Sedrick and Ruth Luke

Sedrick (22) and his sister Ruth (27) discuss First Step Communities, an organization that works with the homeless in order to find them homes in Sacramento, CA.

The Interview

I learned a lot of new things about my mom. I also had a great time trying to practice the Interview.