13 year old views on media

I interviewed my sister on her thoughts on media and communication.

Dani and Noa’s Experience During the Coronavirus

This is a summary between Noa Fisher(sixteen years old) and Dani Fisher(eighteen years old). Dani and Noa Fisher are sisters and live on Long Island in New York. This interview is about the coronavirus and their experience during this pandemic.

Danielle Varner and Paul Pierce

Danielle Patterson Varner (42) interviews her colleague Paul Pierce (68) about his career in the theater industry. They also discuss the importance of community theater as a space for storytelling and identity-building, as well as the legacy of kindness Paul...

Learning more about my Mom in 16 minutes

Talked to my mother (Ai Kurokawa-Chereski) about her childhood and then mainly focused on Covid-19 and pandemic questions

2020 memories

We talked about living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the pandemic changed you

How the Pandemic changed bisness owners

"Schooling" COVID-19 – Comments on how varying levels of education were affected by the pandemic

A discussion amongst family members about their experiences related to education and how they were impacted by the pandemic. Erin (25, They/Them) was furloughed from their job at the start of the pandemic, and then chose to resume college courses...

Covid-19 Interview with Cicily :)

This interview talks about how I viewed the world pre-pandemic and how my ideas have changed and evolved since living through a pandemic. It makes me reflect on everything that has happened and how I’ve grown.

Service Learning Project

In this interview, the pandemic and how it affected people's lives was discussed. The pros and cons of the pandemic were also given in the interview.

Covid-19 Homeless Experience With Father & Daughter Advocates Eric Protein & Erica Moseley

A father & daughter homeless experts: Eric Protein Moseley & Erica Moseley discuss their Covid-19 homeless experience before, during, and after with each other as they reminisce about their experience of educating the unhoused of San Francisco about the coronavirus.

Life in a World with Covid-19

Telling about how did the pandemic affect my our life’s and how it change it.

Covid experience

My mom’s Covid experience, and what happened in our family.

Service learning project

Talking about Carlos experience during the pandemic.

Jason Turkowski and Brooke Turkowski Covid-19 Interview

Jason Turkowski (16) interviews his sister, Brooke Turkowski (20), about her life and how Covid-19 effected it.

David Schaeffer Interviewed about Covid-19

David Schaeffer (59) and his daughter, Lizzy Schaeffer (16), talk about Covid-19. David is a farmer and he talks about the effects of the virus on the farm.