Aleta Jacobs life story

Aleta is my grandmother. She told me about her childhood and about where she was born. My grandma told me about how she was when she was younger. This was a great way to get to know her a little...

Me and my Mom’s interview

Me and my mom discuss a bit about our experiences in our life.

interview with my mom
December 17, 2022 App Interview

I had the interview my mother, minzhen pei, or pearl pei. she is now 48 years old. we had a discussion on her life events, of her childhood, family tradition, and the people important and kind to her

Isabella Surtin and Joy Schmidt
November 8, 2022 App Interview

Isabella S (19) interviewed her mother, Joy Schmidt (45). They talk about the past, present, and future.

Interview With My Dad
August 14, 2022 App Interview

I ask questions concerning what it was like growing up in New York.

Interview with mom
November 28, 2022 App Interview

This interview was between Sydney Payne(18) and Abby Winburn(40). Abby is Sydney’s mom. General questions were asked like Abby’s children/ husband and her childhood.

Interviewing my mom

15 year old boy named keston is interviewing his mom Krista about her childhood growing up. Also the backstory of her marriage and what it was like with kids.

Mom and I

A discussion with my mom about her life.

Interviewing my Mom

I interview my mom about her childhood and work life.

Interview of Dad

John tells what he is grateful for in America and explains his regret for coming to America at an old age.

interview with my dad
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Hi my name is Addison Graham(15) and I interviewed my dad Steve Graham(53). We talked about his childhood and previous marriage and dove deep in those topics. I'm sorry if I sound sick it's because I am.

mom and me!

the great thanksgiving listen!

Interview for school

Victor interviewed his mother about her legacy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I interviewed my mom, Beth McClellen. I asked her questions about her childhood and about present day topics.

interview of my mother

We talked about holidays, school, coming into the U.S

My Mother’s Life

In the interview my moThey talked a bit about her and how it was. She also talked about how I was as a child and what she wishes for my future.

My Aunt Karry and I

We spoke in depth about her childhood and how she felt different compared to her siblings. She told me about her children and how they changed her for the better. I learned about her beliefs and her relationship with God....

mom interview

Amber Douglas (47) and Emma Douglas (22) mother and daughter discussing life

interview with dad

this is a conversation with my dad about mainly his early childhood and how he lived to the way he now is and if he thought this is how he would turn out

My Mother and Me

My mom talks about her life. She also talks about what it was like to raise me.