Growing Up With Dr Murad

Murad is 52 years old and is the father of Julaan who is 15 years old. They talk about what it was like for Murad when he was growing up.

Zoom with Dad

Picking my dad’s brain a little just so I can understand him better and see what he thinks of me.


This is an interview with my dad.

Dad’s Interview

This interview was mostly for me learning more about my dad.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kaylee Simpkins

My father talks about his experience as a child, and how he has grown to who he is today.

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her a couple of questions over this thanksgiving break. She grew up in Medina, Ohio and still lives here. She likes listening to christmas music and a lot of other things.

spanish interview

An Interview between my mother and I (2022)

Christine Harrington

Christine is a very responsible and well being parent.

Mi padre
November 27, 2022 App Interview

interview with my dad

Interview with my mom

My interview with my mother about her life and experiences raising me.

Interview with my Tio

It was a really great experience and I learned a lot about my Tio that I didn’t know before :)

Grady Coulter talks

In this interview, conducted in December 2021 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Tamaya Eli (18) interviews her grandpa (73) about accomplishments that made him proud. Mr. Grady also shares the important people in his life and his greatest influence. Mr. Grady also...

Pilar Munoz and Xochitl Munoz about Fumiko Bundy

Pilar Munoz talks about her mother, Fumiko, to her daughter Xochitl Munoz. As a young child living near Hiroshima, Japan, Fumiko was six years old when the atomic bomb was dropped. Pilar and Xochitl discuss Fumiko's childhood and life after...

Glenn’s life

I interviewed my step-dad to learn more about him

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom in this recording. She talked about her life in the Philippines, moving here to America as a Physical Therapist, and my childhood.

Mom and I

Mom answered some questions about my childhood and adulthood.

Persia Palmer

In this interview Susan Palmer answered many questions including what she is thankful for.