Lou Ann Ashley and Jennifer Harris

Friends Jennifer Harris (45) and Lou Ann Ashley (68) share a conversation about their work as teachers, their friendship, the challenges they have faced, and their favorite teaching memories.

Andrew Walker and Jennifer Walker

Partners Andrew Walker [no age given] and Jennifer Walker (50) share their love story and talk about why they decided to leave the Mormon faith.

Thanksgiving Interview

I had this lovely 12 minutes with my mom and we got to talk about thanksgiving and deep life and her life.

Interview on life
November 30, 2022 App Interview

This was an interview with me and my coach, basically just asking him questions about his life, and how certain things have impacted it, this also was a very meaningful one, and sharing a wonderful message to the youth.

My Person of Inspiration
December 9, 2022 App Interview

My name is Piper Hansen and I interviewed my mother, Meredith Morin, on her life — past and present — and her accomplishments.

Interview with My Dad, part 2

A three-month check-in with my Dad after he suffered a stroke in November, 2022. Hear about his health updates and how life has changed since returning home from the hospital.


i talked with my mom about raising me and my brother, life during the pandemic, and her job

American Dream Presentation

Amanda Schmutz- Mother. This is an interview with my mother about her life and growing up.

Family Interview

In this I’m this interview conducted by Brody Hare about Shae Hare you will learn some interesting things about her and her life.

Interview with my Dad

This is an interview between myself, Garret Brisset (21), and my father Larry Brisset (52) about his career. Topics are everything from origin stories to job satisfaction.

Lindsay Komline and Teresa Dominick

One Small Step partners Lindsay Komline (31) and Teresa Dominick (58) have a conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic and immigration reform.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my dad about his childhood and how it affected him.

Mya’s StoryCorps

My Name is Mya Rosser & I am 20 years old. I am interviewing my mother, Tonia Rosser, who is 45 years old.

Dad Interview

Interview over parental perceptions and experiences.

Tammy Grimm
October 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Reagan Grimm and I’m interviewing my mom, Tammy Grimm. I’m 21 years old and she is 57. She talks about her life growing up in Oklahoma, her children and grandchildren, and her own parents.

Sociology Exam

An interview about childhoods and parenting

16 & Pregnant

Jalen Teague (19) Interviews his mother Jessica Hopkins (36) about being 16 and pregnant. Ms. Hopkins talks about the challenges she faces while parenting at such a young age.

October 23, 2022 App Interview

This consists of a 15 minute interview where Havish asks his dad, Ramesh 10 questions about his life and relationships that he has formed over the years. Hav is a 20 Year old college student who is pursuing his undergraduate...

Tyson and Marie

Marie talks about her experiences of dogs and eventually getting one. the pros and cons of getting one and expressing how she feels. Making her life more interesting.

Mom and me

I interviewed my mom about her relationship with me and how her life has been impacted by having kids. We discussed are similarities and differences as well.

A Family United

Today, I got the opportunity to interview my parents about their marriage and raising us kids. We discuss their hardships and get advice about being a parent.