The interview of Nana

I, Ben brockmeier interviewed my grandmother Elaine brockmeier better know to us as Nana. most of the questions I asked where based around her family.

Interview with my aunt

I’m talking to aunt (30 years old) and we are talking about her past and life regrets.

My moms story

M mom is 56 years old and has had a good and beautiful life with a kind healthy and fun family and how her life has came to what it is now.

we miss you mommom

it’s about my mother Melinda stevens and daughter Paris stevens digging deep on life.This story takes us on a journey of us missing our momom and a mother loving her children.

Interview with my dad!
November 12, 2022 App Interview

Hi! I’m Alina and for my 12t grade English class I got to interview someone that is very important to me and that is my dad. I am 17 years old and a overview of this interview was just general...

Rami Safa interviewing Hussein Safa(Rami Safa’s Dad/My Dad)

This interview contains me(Rami Safa: 16 years old) interviewing Hussein Ahmed Safa(My Dad, 49 years old). This interview contains conversation with my Dad(Hussein) and also talks about his childhood, people important to him, lessons important to him, and basically how...

Speech Interview

Charlotte Pierce and Alicia Carmen discuss family life, and what means most out of it.

Great Thanksgiving Assignment with Dad

I, Alyssa Marino, interviewed my father, Robert Marino. I am a 14 girl and my dad is 38. I asked my dad a selection of questions that I thought represented our relationship perfectly.