Mi Papá

The interviewers name is Sophia Mendoza and is 14 years old. The interviewee is Marcos Mendoza and is 47 years old; we are father and daughter. We talk about heartwarming stories that bring back old memories together.


Shanie Etzion interviewing Yoav Etzion. He is 48 years old and is my dad. We talked about parenthood.

Jesse Justo ad his mom Sheryl talk about their scary and traumatic experience at the hospital.

In this interview on November 26 in Oahu, Hawaii, Jesse Justo (15) has a conversation with his mom, Shieryl, about Jesse’s experience at the hospital. At the age of 3, Jesse was diagnosed with a very fatal disease that Shieryl...

Recording – 03-18-2024 19:28:27

I interviewed my parents, mainly my mom, 51, and dad 53. We discussed a lot of life travels and personal memories. We talked about past goals and future plans.

Great Thanksgiving Assignment with Dad

I, Alyssa Marino, interviewed my father, Robert Marino. I am a 14 girl and my dad is 38. I asked my dad a selection of questions that I thought represented our relationship perfectly.

Old Man Martin’s Wise Words of Wisdom

Frederick Martin is the 43 year old father of my boyfriend Kaden Martin. In this interview we talked about the things that he’s most proudest of, who are important people in his life, and how he would like to be...

My Grandma’s Childhood

today me and my Gigi talked about her family and childhood. we also talked about her job. as well as some of the things she is proudest of.

Patrick and his Unique Life

Father (56) discusses his childhood and views on life with his 16 year old daughter.

Interview questions featuring Nina Czaja's mom – 11/28/23

My name is Nina Czaja(15 yrs), and I had an interview session with my mother Josephine Banik(54 yrs) where I asked her to talk with me about past experiences and memories!

Interview with my mother

A brief interview I had,asked questions to my mother,who’s been with me my whole life,taken care of me etc.

Ben Pedegana’s interview with Kati Pedegana

This is an Interview with Ben Pedegana (16) with his mom Kati Pedegana (49) about life.

we miss you mommom

it’s about my mother Melinda stevens and daughter Paris stevens digging deep on life.This story takes us on a journey of us missing our momom and a mother loving her children.

Recording – 01-07-2024 21:14:48

My name is Devyn. I am 16 years old. I interviewed my mother, Jady. She is 48 years old. I asked her about my life growing up and what she experienced during that period of time.

Talking to my Mom
November 26, 2023 App Interview

this interview was about my Mother and her family, her life story and her history.

Interview with my dad!
November 12, 2022 App Interview

Hi! I’m Alina and for my 12t grade English class I got to interview someone that is very important to me and that is my dad. I am 17 years old and a overview of this interview was just general...

Interview with my aunt

I’m talking to aunt (30 years old) and we are talking about her past and life regrets.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I, Sylvie Goldblatt (15), interviewed Jeffrey Goldblatt (54). We talked about how he grew up, and changed and continuities in the world.


Danielle Brinson, 16 years old, and Debbie Brinson, 47 years old.