My mom’s interview

An interview with my mom about her childhood.

Is Life Better Now

Is life better now? This is a question asked often but the people who normally answer it havent lived a long life. Im here talking to someone who has seen it all.

Bradley and Ed Towle- The Who at Georgetown University, 1969

Ed Towle III (74)talks to his nephew, Bradley (44), about the time he booked British rock band The Who at a Georgetown University gymnasium for a homecoming concert in 1969. The band's notoriety had swelled by the time of the...

Millie Greene and her grandfather, Barry Whitehouse, talk about life in the mid-1900s.

Me and my grandfather, Barry, talked about growing up in Virginia, being in the military during the Vietnam War, and the impacts of segregation in his life. He talks about what school was like through elementary, junior high, and high...

Interviewing The Pennocks

Interviewing both of my grandparent on their heritage and chilldhoods. My grandfather talks about his life after marriage and life growing old. Finishing by giving his philosophy on life.

Back in time to the 60s

In this interview, you can hear what Adriana did in her 60's childhood, how she was as a teen and her current life.

Granny Joyce and racism in America

Granny view on racism and discrimation through out the years of America

Perry Even

I talked to Perry about life and the people that have meant the most to them.

Life in the 60s

My Aunt Linda talked about her life in the 1960s and how she met my Uncle in 1970.

Oral History

My grandfather is talking about his experience in the US army and his involvement in the Cold War.

Growing up in the 60s

My dad talks about his experiences growing up in the 1960s.

LHP Interview

My grandma’s outlook on the 1960’s

Living History Project

Interviewing my Grandma about immigrating here and the 1960s.

Story’s of Jean Sysak

I ask Jean Sysak about her life and questions about what she did, where she pursued her career in, where she went to school, and many more.