My grandpas life

My grandpa, Hondo Goodrich, has lived a very happy life and has always known to live life to the fullest. He looks at every opportunity as a great one and strives to make each moment a good one.

Ron Pollack and Michael Wenger

Friends Mike Wegner (71) and Ron Pollack (69) talk about meeting as young white college students in New York, and their subsequent involvement in the Civil Rights movement, including the Freedom Summer. They talk about how it shaped the rest...

Felton Eaddy and Edward Hall

Ed Hall (57) has a conversation with friend, colleague and fellow poet, Felton Eaddy (69), about Felton's childhood in Fork, South Carolina. Additional topics include Felton's education, his work with the Fulton County Arts Commission, and the Atlanta Poetry Kitchen,...

Harold Harris, Tracy Harris, and Donna Hamilton

Harold W. Harris (81) talks with his niece, Tracy Harris (56), and his daughter, Donna Harris Hamilton (60), about his childhood, to include farm life and his first trip to California.