Interview with my grandmother

My grandmother and I discussed her childhood, her life, and her children. We also discussed psychotherapy and what it has brought to her life as a psychotherapist.

Dana Lerner and Judith Kottick

Dana Lerner (59) and close friend Judith Kottick (67) share how important their friendship has been to one another after suffering the loss of their children.

Paul Kapphahn and Patricia Kapphahn

Paul Kapphahn (81) has a conversation with his Wife, Pat Kapphahn (80), about where and how they each grew up and how they came to start their own private psychotherapy practice.

Carolyn Yoder and Elaine Barge

Friends and colleagues Carolyn Yoder (71) and Elaine Zook Barge (68) share a conversation about the work they've done in studying and helping others address collective trauma. They discuss the STAR program, and the work they continue to do today.