Benjamin and Bernadette’s November 2020

Ben and I are about six months into our relationship and I wanted to see what we would like now so we can compare to what we are like later.

Interview with My Dad (1)

We talked about my dad’s life and his relationship with my mother.

Hank breakup experience

Hank Powers talks a little bit about his experiences with a breakup.

Mom and Dad

This is an interview about their relationship from beginning to present.

A look into our relationship

This interview is about me and my girlfriend and the growth in our relationship. I asked her questions regarding family, memories and her biggest regrets

Interview with my older sister

Talking with my older sister, Maddy Mitchell about growing up, her relationship, and future.

Here we are

Sitting down with Derek talking about our lives together so far.

Storytelling Interview

I interview my husband for my speech class.

My Mom
November 18, 2022 App Interview

My Mom, Mendy was telling me about her life and how she saw me grow up. We discussed about what she’s proud of and what she hopes for.


Pamela Anderson who is 60 years old is my mom talking about her and my dad's divorce

Eli has a brother

Eli will speak about her experience with her new sibling. She will answer to diferents question about her relationship with his brother.

Perspectives from a friend

This interview includes a multitude of topics including career, family, heritage and other topics from one of my brilliant and closest friends, “Jay”

Nancy Winski, Mark Winski, Emily Eikelberner, and Charlie Winski

Emily Eikelberner (50) and Charlie Winski (45) interview their parents, Mark Winski (76) and Nancy Winski (75), in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. Mark and Nancy tell the story of how they met, fell in love, and got married;...


My relationship with Bryce and his thoughts on it.

Interview with my Dad

Today, Vicky Nham (16) interviews her dad (Dinh Nham (53)). Asking him about how life was in Vietnam, what jobs he was working at, and the overall environment in the rural areas of Trà ôn of the Vĩnh Long province...