Love: My Dads Perspective

I asked my dad a series of questions about his relationship with my mom like how they met, their first date, and how he proposed.

Everybody Has A Story

I talked with Ashley about her goals in life, what her future has in store for her, and her input on success in a relationship. She also gave insight into memories.

Interview with my Roommate

I interviewed my roommate, I cropped the ending out but she shared her strong relationship with her dad.

Interview for class

This interview was with my fiancée. We interviewed about our relationship.

My Interview of Adria

I interview my girlfriend! Yeah, it's cheesy, but we had fun!

Interview with Nira

An interview between my girlfriend and I.

How they changed their lives

Mrs.Hisley talks about her life as a child. Where she grew up. I asked her about being an immigrant and what it was like at that age. I also asked her the dummest thing she did in her life. I...

Parker Roach interviews Gabby Edmundson

Parker asks Gabby questions about her life and how being in a relationship affects her.

Together at 14: the love story of Kim and Lance Fortin

This is the story of my parents: their feelings about each other, how they met, and their lives together in their hometown of Ventura, California. To Kim and lance, you are my biggest supporters and role models. I simply hope...

All Of The Universe Is All In This One Moment (Part 2)

We talked about her childhood and the struggles that she faced growing up. As well as where her life has taken her now. We talked about the people and events that have influenced her life as well as the harder...


The thing that was talked about was dumbs thing she ever did and, what she was most greatful for. I asked 4 questions

Who You Are Today

My mom Michelle and I talked about her life before and our relationship. We talked about emotional stuff that truly brought us closer.

Relationship With My Dad

I talked to my father about our relationship and the values it is built on. Then I asked him about his first memories of me and how our relationship has developed as I have grown older.

Growing up: interview of my mom

My mother tells me, from her perspective, her experience growing up. From life in the Philippines to a full-time mother in the U.S

Will Gray

Interview with a good friend of mine on life and the future.

Interview with My mother

Thomas Kay interviews Barbara Kay about her life, both her childhood and adult life. She talks about her family heritage and traditions and what life was like growing up in Manalapan, NJ. She also talks about her relationship with her...

Interview with Tom

In 20 questions I inquired about Tom’s childhood and military experiences.