Story telling assignment

I wasn't able to get ahold of any family members so my partner helped me complete this assignment.

Mom interview

My parents story of how they fell In love

Mom And Me

I interviewed mom for a Social Studies assignment.

Nick and Cass

About our relationship and feelings about the future


We talked about relationships and his friends

Emily Lo Re and Bonnie Lo Re talk about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama, Emily Lo Re (16) interview her mother Bonnie Lo Re (50) about her childhood in Birmingham. Mrs. Lo Re shares her thoughts about 9/11 and the new generation. She also...

Peter Lauricella on his life pre,during, and post Navy

Peter Lauricella speaks on being in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and his life after #HinghamOC2017

Jaqueline Muñoz Service Learning Storycorps Project

My name is Jaqueline Munoz and I interviewed my older sister, Sandra Munoz about her personal life.

Kevin Primmer’s interview

This interview is from Emma Budinger and Kevin Primmer. Emma is interviewing Kevin asking him questions about his life, and about him.

The discovery of my advisory’s story

In this conversation, a student (Amy Tran) is interviewing her advisory (Mimi Csatlos) about her childhood memories of her pony. More than that, it was also about her decision of marriage at an early age and the up and down...

A little about my Grandma Kirchner.

Talking to my grandma Sylvia about her relationship with my grandpa and her childhood.

Our love story

Wally and I have been together 34 years and although not an easy journey, we give God thanks for allowing us to grow in Him, for giving us a beautiful family and giving us an opportunity to share his it...

Christopher Garofalo and Jessica Ingram

Christopher Garofalo (18) and Jessica Ingram (18) discuss the memories and implications of their relationship expanding from the times of High School, through the COVID-19 pandemic, and into the present.

Dating and Finding Love

An interview with my mom about her relationship with my dad

Hawai’i’s answers

We talked about basically our relationship and her life. She didn’t have too much to say, but she said all that she needed to.

Interview Patr2

She had a lot of difficulty coming to Japan but she really likes Japan. Also, she has a good relationships with her husband.

“I Just Wanted to Be Happy and Have a Family of My Own”

Emma Lynch(16) interviews her mom, Ella(57) about her childhood and current life. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 in Ella’s bedroom in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They talk about religion, moving from the city to the...