Infinite words from my dad

My dad talking about his childhood and his wishes for me in the future.

How it feels to be a black woman

This interview is a summary of Cherrie Anderson’s opinions thoughts feelings dreams and desires as a black woman in the 2000s.

Interviewing My Dad About Parts of His Life and More
September 11, 2023 App Interview

I interview my dad about parts of his life like what he wanted to be growing up, and about what he wanted his dream life to be. I also asked him about how he would like to be remembered.

how do you want be remembered
October 11, 2022 App Interview

Amelia Flaherty(17) (daughter) interviewing her mom Julie Flaherty (49)about her life and how she wants to remember herself and how she thinks others will remember her.

And they were roommates…

Roommates, Jason Foster and Nate Wagner, talked about the people in our lives (both dead and alive) that had the most influence on us and how they shaped our views. And finally how Nate Wagner like to be remembered.

Martin Hoshino 12/1/19

Some of my father’s live experiences and advice he has

Life working in the fields

My mom worked picking cotton as a child. She missed a lot of school because of it and quit school. She loved spending time with her dad. She raised me as a single mom and it was hard sometimes. She...

Varshini Ganesh and her sister Shivani Srividya talk about their life moments and growing experiences.

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd, 2017 in Plano, Texas, Shivani Srividya talks about her childhood. Varshini Ganesh and Shivani Srividya being sisters talk about them growing up together. She talks about her memories and vivid imaginations as what...

Some who I will Always Remember

Carolina Mellado a student from Landmark College recalls memories of Maxwell Lyttle who was a faculty member of the college. She will she the reasons why she will always rennet her.

Picnic Talks w/ Claire and Taylor

Last words and be remembered (interviewed by georgi and Zach)

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Grandmother and I
December 10, 2019 App Interview

My Grandmother tells stories about family, growing up, and songs. She gives me advice about love, life, and remembering the good times.

A Rememberence of Sara Martin

This interview is about our high school teacher Sara Martin. I interviewed my fellow classmate because unfortunately, Ms. Martin passed away in February of 2018.