learning more about my poppy

my name is kennedi Davenport I’m 16 and I interview curt faughn which is my poppy. we talked about a lot of changes in life and about how god is a big part in his life. The main subjected we...


It was about a a guy who cheats on his girlfriend with her bestfriend. the boyfriends gets his girlfriend pregnant

Intetview with Josh M

Interviewing my boyfriend of 15 months on thanksgiving eve

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my grandmother and I spoke about her life when she was younger, memories of her life, and how she would like me to be.

Cal and Grammy talking about life

Cal Porter talks to his Grandma who he calls Grammy about her childhood, highlights of life, and mistakes. It happens in Balboa Island.

grandmas story growing up
September 4, 2023 App Interview

the life of my creek/Seminole grandma growing up. her family, how she grew up. the treatment she received from her family.

Grandmas life

This is some of the life of my grandmother. She’s so important to me and just such a big part of my life. You might laugh, you might cry, you might laugh some more, but no matter what you do...

En el rancho

lucila tejeda talks about her childhood, her dream job, and more! Only in this interview translated by my mother! you cannot miss it.

Someone Living With Cancer
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Pamela Earney is a woman who has been living with cancer since 2012. In this interview she talks about how cancer has affected her everyday life and the ones around her.

An Interview With Moo Moo

My mom and I had a great interview and I cried and it was a good talk

Welcome to America
January 11, 2023 App Interview

Welcome to America is a interview about how a kid named Sem came to America and he learned to move and fit in with outside crowds.

Grandpa The Storyteller

In this interview, we talk about my grandfathers childhood, how he meet my grandmother, how my father was when he was a kid, and about our traditions. Highlights: 0:00-0:20 (introduction), 4:40-8:36, 11:52-16:53, 16:55-22:35, 22:38-27:42, 27:43-34:50, 34:51-38:52

Grandmama Interview

Grandmother and granddaughter interview with laughs and tears.

It really hits you when you realize he’s never coming back.

The first hand account of what happened the night my dad passed away.

Maria Dominguez and Phillip Casanova

Maria "Terry" Dominquez (57) speaks with her nephew Phillip Casanova (28) about her career as a rescue medical firefighter, the deployment during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and her reflections almost 20 years later.

Practice Covid Interview

Maxwell and I discussed his life during Covid and the struggles he faces. This also includes how his emotions and social life changed during these times.