Always being the new kid

On December 4th, 2017 Trixie Davis,14, interveiwed her father, Tom Davis, about what his life was like growing up and switching schools are on the Southern California area in the 1980’s. Fam tells her about his experiences going to three...

Teacher's perspective on storm and stress inside and outside of the classroom.

My name is Mary Flores and I am a sophomore education major interviewing Paula Digiorgio, an elementary school teacher in Florida on May 4th 2022.

How COVID-19 has affected schools

Talked about how COVID-19 has affected schools, feeling unsafe at work.

FYS interview

Interview of Laura by Alex about her vocation.

Interview with classmates

We talked about some questions I had for them and what has happened in our life

The Great Listen

We started off establishing who was talking and who the interviewee was. We then went into information about his service in the military and information about his younger life.

in the mind of derek torres

digging a little deeper into the mind of the high school senior derek torres. his life a little more in depth. how and who he is what made him who made him.


talking about grays life and work life.

A simple look into the life of a middle school child

A simple look into the life of a middle school child in the middle of a pandemic

Interview 4: Hannah

Interview with Hannah at Conestoga high school.

Lockdown- 9th grade

9th graders perspective of a lockdown at her school.

Interview with Grandma (Vovo Lu)

My grandma is from Brazil so some aspects of her life, like her childhood are different than most people. I like to hear funny stories about her life growing up to get to know her better and how they impacted...

IB Lang Lit Kayla Boger

Culminating activity for Weldon IB Lang Lit

Raul Lopez – Covid Interview

Raul explains what his life was like during the covid pandemic and what he learned from it

Nasir Rasheed talks about his childhood, career and life as a teen with his daughter Sidrah Rasheed.

In this interview recorded on May 4, 2018 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sidrah Rasheed interviews her dad, Nasir Rasheed about his childhood, career and life as a teen. He shares his story about immigrating from Karachi, Pakistan to the USA....

A noisy moment with Grandpa.

Trying to find a moment to talk with Grandpa amongst great grandchildren playing and Grandma cleaning up to ask some questions about life.

Learning About My Mom

This interview helped me learn more about my mom and her life. It helped me know the ups and downs of life.


Interview with JD we discussed things he does and the what he wants to be.

Sydney and Ms. Ingram

Sydney Berry (18) interviews Jada Ingram (27) about her career in education.

Eva Marobella and Riley Leichliter

Eva Marobella: 2021-04-30 15:00:36 Riley Leichliter interviews her classmate Eva Marobella on what life was like over the past 13 months in the Covid-19 Pandemic