Interviewing Volleyball Coach Boles

Students and volleyball players, Brianna and Bebhinn, interview their coach about her through volleyball.

Ally Barth- Interview with Josh Barth

This interview contains a recording of my brother and I. I am asking him some questions about his current life, his past, and his hopes and dreams. We talk about who has influenced him, his dream career, and advice that...

First day of school

Interviewing a classmate about their first day of school

Interviewing Bobbie

I asked Bobbie about growing up as a military child and her career choice

MLC as a Carribean Islander/City Dweller Hybrid

We discussed Braxton's childhood, cultural identity, schooling, and process of deciding what he would do with his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger

Dorothy Perovich talks about growing up in New Jersey.

During this interview, preformed on December 3, 2017 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Abbie Shultz interviews her grandmother, Dorothy Perovich (70). Dorothy shares memories of her childhood and what it was like growing when things were very different than today.

The Bear story

A young girl trapped in a room, clueless of what the outside world is like

Vi and daughter Grace

Our lives, equality, changes and education

Service Learning

I interviewed my sister. The main topics of our conversation were about her life and her experiences with school.

Interview w/Laynee

Interviewing laynee about school and life!

Masscom interview

I interviewed a fellow classmate about her passion on social justice.

Practice Interview with Jaime

We talked about his school life and any activities during.


My gramdmother and I talk about her childhood and growing up in the 1950’s. She talks about raising het children and lessons she’s learned.

My sister strugle through highschool

My sister describes her life through college. How some teachers pushed her and some doubted her

Interview with grandma

I asked her questions on what it was like growing up, spirituality, school, and other things