Brothers and Sisters

I interviewed my mother about her younger brother, who passed away last year. Despite her openness and expressive personality, she never actually spoke to me about how she felt about her brother after he had died a year prior. Wanting...

Interview with Bella
December 3, 2022 App Interview

A conversation between my sister and I.

Thanksgiving interview w/ Josh

Me (12) and Josh (28) had a interview about his personal life and how he enjoyed chicago and atlanta

Martha Mathews, Ann Wells, and PJ Pronger

Siblings, PJ Pronger (67), Martha Mathews (68) and Ann Wells (75), recall their upbringing on their family ranch in Texas.

Barbara Hester Kurtz and Susan Scott Peterson, November 7, 2020

Barbara Hester Kurtz (87) talks with her granddaughter Susan Scott Peterson (39) about her mother's sister, Mildred Scott, who died several days before this interview. Mildred grew up on a farm in Mississippi and was the last of seven siblings...

Storytelling Assignment Interview

Interviewing my sister for my college storytelling assignment. I talk to my sister about compelling questions as I listen to her responses. In the end, I tell her how much she has meant to me.

Mom’s Early Childhood

Martha Carroll, interviewed by her son Steve, in December, 2019 about her memories of fairly early childhood in Lexington Virginia.

Family interview with Mother

Asking questions about childhood, relationships, grandparents, parents, siblings, jobs, marriage, and more

Grandma’s childhood

Julia Kuykendall talks about her childhood and how she loved to play outside with her siblings. She loved talking about school and she always wanted to be a school teacher but ended up getting married.

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

My Lita Interview

I’m on the far left, my mom on second far left, my grandma (lita) right in the center and my nana on the right.

Miss Ritchea

We talked about Miss Ritchea’s childhood, her most difficult moment, and the advice she would give her teenage self.

Thanksgiving 2022 interview

Participants are Alyssa and David Osterfeld. We are 16 and 18.

My Grandma’s Past

I talked to my grandma about her past, including her childhood and family. She told me about how her life is now and told me stories about my family.

Tiara and Sister's Interview

Talking about life, relationships, and careers.


We talked about Ayden’s family

Roger Johnson and Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson (20) shares a conversation with her father, Roger Johnson (76), about his childhood in Florida, growing up on a farm, traveling, and his relationship with his family.


The participants in this interview was Jessica Woolsey(15) and her mother Janet Woolsey. We talked about childhood and what it was like for Janet.

Memories with Doris Pt. 2

Talking with Doris (93 years old) about memories from the 1930s and 1940s including what Christmas was like in her home when she was little, her childhood home, her first job in a radio crystal factory during WWII, and a...