Interviewing Jenny
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Growing up the youngest of eight girls, moving frequently, memories and childhood

Entrevista con mi mamá, que tenía Alzheimers

Spoke in Spanish with my mom (age 86 at the time of the interview), who was born in Cuba, eventually moving to Venezuela, where she met and married my dad. She was a college professor for decades before retiring. She...

Interview about life with my little brother

This is an interview about my little brother answering my questions about how covid-19 impacted him and the people around him. We kinda goofed off but it’s our way of having a conversation.

Linus Mavers interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell about growing up

In this interview, recorded on November 25th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Linus Mavers (18) interviews his mother Elizabeth Caldwell (57) about her life and childhood. Elizabeth talks about growing up in different cities and moving around as the daughter of...

Speech Interview

When I interviewed my friend Shaye I asked questions about her family.


We talked about Ayden’s family

Paula & Keith Geisler

I interviewed my brother, who is 8 years younger than me, about his life.

Thanksgiving Listening Part 2

Memories of family, coming to the U.S for the first time, opinions on job, and what was life like back then in a village or in Mexico.

Jennifer Fried, Phyllis Gold, and Norman Gold

Jennifer Fried (38) interviews her grandparents, Phyllis Gold (90) and Norman Gold (93), about their early memories, their choice in pursuing higher education, the experience of being grandparents, and importance of passing on tradition and preserving language.

Mark and Lesly

I wanted to be a firefighter so I could be remembered and respected.

My sister and I

my sister’s life and our relationship

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

Tiara and Sister's Interview

Talking about life, relationships, and careers.

My brother

Grace Choi (21) talks to her younger brother, David (19) about his life, and his aspirations.

My Grandma’s Past

I talked to my grandma about her past, including her childhood and family. She told me about how her life is now and told me stories about my family.