Immigration interview

During this interview, Emma talked about her life in the United States and in her homeland and the struggles and improvements she has faced since her move.

My talk with Gabbie #engl1301xp05

Interviewed my sister for a school project

Sister love

We talked about what she will remember what she grateful and what she is

Interview with my Sister

School, writing, friends, and more with a vibrant young woman

The thanksgiving listing

Today I talked to my sister and I had found out a couple of things that I did not realize before.

Jasmin interview

Today I have an interview with my sister Jasmin and we got to talk about interesting things

Grandmother tells grandchild about her life

Grandmother Loretta Fitch, along with her daughter Coleen tells granddaughter Olivia Fitch about her life as a child growing up with neither parent. She also tells Olivia about her experience as a mother and how much her children meant to...

Only one of my four sisters

In this interview I learned more about the sister's experiences as a teenager and as an older sister.

Oh, To Be 10 Years Old Again…

This is a an interview that I did with my 10-year-old sister, Katie Jane, on the memorable parts of her life so far.

Interview with my mother and my sister helping

This is an interview with my mom and my sister who was the translator we talked about stories that my mother went through and my sister would translate

Pets, laughs, and sad moments

We talked about family situations, life, and pets. In the picture you can see my mom, my brothers, my sister, my niece, and my two dogs Zeus and Roxy. I wish I had pictures of the other dogs and the...

Mother’s Interview

This was an interiview done by me to my mom. She told me some of her greatest memories of her childhood and me. She also talked about her biggest influence in her life and proudest moments.


I interview my younger brother and ask him questions about his childhood, life, and family.

Testimony project

Carolann Butler tells the experience of living with her Down Syndrome sister.

Paula & Keith Geisler

I interviewed my brother, who is 8 years younger than me, about his life.

Alan’s interview

I talk to my best friend and just take a dive into mostly his life.He seems happy to have done this. Although I know most of the things that are going on in his life and have happened, I believe...