Hiram Smith on faith and freedom from fear. July 25, 2016 in De Leon, Texas

Hiram talks about his spiritual life and a Christian faith that is so fully integrated that he experiences freedom from fear.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my mother about her personal life which has greatly impacted mine.

Larry Nessly and Stefani Priskos

Stefani Priskos (26) speaks with Larry Nessly (73) about his involvement in the Triangle Threshold Singers, a group that sings for individuals on the thresholds of living and dying in North Carolina. This conversation was held via Zoom due to...

Art brings People Together – Paulist Fr. Frank Sabatté

In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Paulist Fr. Frank Sabatté discusses his life, vocation story and ministry. Fr. Frank is currently the Artist-In-Residence for the Paulist Fathers in New York City and the Director of “Openings”, an artist collective. He...

Final Interview with Ms. Doris

Ms. Doris and I had a great conversation about how her spirituality/religion has always played a big role in her life.

Brian’s first out of body experience

Brian, my family friend, explains his path to spirituality and how his first out of body experience cured him of his depression.

A welcoming experience of the Church – Paulist Fr. Joe Scott

Paulist Fr. Joe Scott recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a #priest. Fr. Joe served in campus ministry for much of his first decades as priest. He was also an associate editor at Paulist Press from 1998...

Tara Casey and Nicole Unice

One Small Step conversation partners Tara Casey (48) and Nicole Unice (43) discuss family, faith and raising their children with awareness.

Carol Giovacchini and Deanna Calvin

One Small Step conversation partners Carol Giovacchini (68) and Deanna Calvin (49) talk about the evolution of their political views and the importance of learning about other perspectives.

“I really loved the preaching…I just kept coming back.”

Once, when Father Matt Berrios was a teen, he missed joining his family for Mass. He looked up an alternative and ended up at the Catholic Information Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's run by the Paulist Fathers. It was...

Interview with Lisa Fondren

Lisa and I talked about her move from Detroit to Knoxville when she was five, and her family in Sevierville on her father's side and her mother's family in Pennsylvania. We also talked about Appalachian stereotypes and not wanting to...

Melissa Loutos- December 2nd, 2019

Covered religion and spirituality ideas, childhood schooling and meeting of my parents.

Life is what you make of it

My mother and I have a short talk. We discuss her driving ideologies and the events in her life that resulted in them. We talk about many things, including gratitude, the meaning of family, and the importance of home to...

Marie Dunbar and Bill Dunbar

Spouses, Marie Dunbar (45) and Bill Dunbar (62), explain what it means to be practicing Seventh-Day Adventists Christians, discuss the role God plays in their daily lives, and share stories about their most memorable spiritual experiences.

A talk on religion

We talked about his religious side and other beliefs

Monica Whatley and Bandele [no name given]

Monica Whatley (32) interviews her friend, Bandele [no name given] (73), about his incarceration in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bandele reflects on what he learned during the 33 years during which he was detained, his relationship...

“People remember the simple human touch.”

(Photo by Ryan Haggerty) Fr. Vinny McKiernan's worked at the Newman Center on the Ohio State University campus for 26 years. Over the course of his life and work, he’s been a novice director with the Paulist Fathers. He’s also...

Makinde Adedapo and Ayorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji

Makinde Adedapo (37) talks to his sister, Aryorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji (23) about growing up, moving to New York, and her relationship to spirituality.