Life in Peru

I am Christopher Campo, and I interviewed my mom Jenny Montano. I am 13 years old and she is 47 years old. I liked this interview because it's always nice to know more of her story before I was born....

FYS Interview about the Theme of Storytelling with Andrew Martin by Ciara Garland

I interviewed Mr. Andrew Martin for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University.  Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories.  FrankSesno's book Ask More has served as inspiration,and...

Alicia Osborn and Jeanine Coursen talk about memories from Jeanine’s childhood.

On November 21st, Alicia Osborn (15) and her mom Jeanine Coursen (51) talk about funny memories from Jeanine’s childhood. Jeanine talks about many of the jobs that she’s had and what was her most/least favorite. Jeanine talks about funny stories...

Interview at Valley HS

interview between 2 students in Ethnic Studies at Valley HS in Hacienda Heights CA

Entrevista con mi mami :)

It was mostly childhood questions. We also talked about life lessons and funny and scary stories

American Dream Interview with Mr. Cris McKenzie

We discussed about what the American Dream is through the viewpoint of Mr. Mackenzie while also touching on his own memories of being in the military and his experience being an inspiration behind one of the characters in Mr. James...

Anya Mammen with Heather Fisher and Renee Mammen

Renee and Heather are friends from college who still get together every year. Every year they tell new stories of their young lives together and myself, my sister, and heathers four kids gladly listen. I wanted to keep these memories...

Family History

Interview with my Dad, Peter Perkins. Gives answers about his life.

Interview with grandma and grandpa

This conversation had a lot going on and was a little all over the place but then again that’s life. My grandma of 77 unfortunately has dementia but that doesn’t stop her from being bubbly and loving to talk with...

TheGreatListen2019 OHSWildcatsListen19

I asked my mom about things she has learned and some interesting stories from her past.

Drama Project

In this interview, I talked with my mom about her childhood. My mother also talks about lessons, important people, and stories she holds close to her.

Peer interview

I interviewed Lauren a classmate of mine. She was from Texas before she moved here.

Getting to know Chuck and Shari

Sitting down with Charles and Sharon Mitchell to hear stories of their childhood, and stories about Jericho, their daughter.

Ela interview

Joel Woodward and I mostly talked about his life in the service and how it has effected him to this day.

Interview with My Mom

I talk to my mom about her childhood, her work, heritage, and me.

Interview with my Mom Maria Godlova

My mom tells stories about her parents and how her childhood was like. She explains how I was as a child and how she wants me to be in the future.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my Aunt about some interesting questions, including some about past and present.

Rick Noll / Dad

I asked about his lifetime, his stories, his advice to my future self, his regrets and accomplishments.