Kidney donor gets to know her recipient

Catherine saw a flyer at Starbucks that Eli needed a kidney. Now she gets to know him months after she donated her kidney to him. Eli and Catherine are both back to good health.

Amanda&Jacqueline’s JAW-DROPPING TELL-ALL

One white woman and one Asian young-lady tell the tale of how they met (as ex-members of an unnamed hula group). One shares a jaw-dropping secret. Lots of laughter and unfortunately, no tears. Listen for a thrilling ride.

Momma’s Talk

Karla interviews Lourdes and talks about the impact she has had in her life as a mother figure

We are the McD’s

A conversation w/deann & Nate McDaniel

Growing Up Sisters

Sisters’ experiences growing up together.

The Weddings

We met at a wedding, eloped 6 weeks later- and told no one, then had a “formal” wedding a year later.


Antonia answered some simple questions about her life

Don't drink and drive

Adam cherishes his grandparents in China. He mourns a friend who died in a car accident and celebrates another who survived.

Growing up in a California town and loving life in Orange County

Grandparents history and parents lives . High school romance and marriage . Teaching life and volunteer life. Stories about Phil. Legacy wishes.

A corpuscular theory of flight.

From growing up in Dalat, VN to how he got the name Lucky Man, Thanh Tran shares fragments of his life on his 77th birthday.

Smiles2all in the OC

Jim and Wendy Kaiser reminisce about life in the OC and California... arresting the Night Stalker ... working at Disneyland ... don’t smoke, be happy!

Reflections with Dad
September 17, 2019 App Interview

Conversation with my dad just after his 75th birthday—we discuss family, immigration, inspiration, success, and giving back.

A Guest in My Home Country

Dinah and Renee talk about Sivia, Renee’s traveling grandma. They also chat about what is means to be “Hakka” and “Farang” at home

Behind the Orange Curtain

Financial perspectives and OC realizations by Armond Herndon and Anita Coleman who became friends at Irvine Rotary.

High School Memories and more!

A reflection of high school memories, Class of 77. TC Williams in Alexandria, Va. Life long friendships & stories that happen along the way