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Soledad Vargas’s Story

The people in this interview is Sophia Ochoa (the interviewer) who is 15 years old, Soledad Vargas (the person getting interviewed) who is 79 years old, Rene Ochoa (translator) who is 45 years old. Sophia Ochoa is the grandchild of...

Keep pushing

A heart warming and inspirational interview between a 16 year old boy named kanaan Rogers, and his 80 year old grandma: ms.mcwillis. This interview is about her childhood in Arkansas moving into Chicago.

life of lisa

Lisa Higgins is a smart woman who always knew that she wanted in life. Being the motivated and persistent she got the life she deserved and couldn’t be happier.

My dad interview

My dad, Chuck Valdez is 54. He talked about his childhood and the marines. His good times and bad time. what he regrets.

Grandma’s Superpower

In 1974, my grandpa got into a car accident that had him temporarily in critical condition. Living through that tough recovery winter and beyond, my grandma realized her strong independence and will to be a great mother to her four...

Emma’s interview

In this interview I spoke with my mom. Throughout speaking, she talks about her past loves and her mother who passed away 12 years ago. She talks about how important she was and all of the lessons she has learned...

Amber Minuth learn about her grandmother and mothers life growing up

We recorded this video in Brigantine, New Jersey which is where my grandmother lives. We talked about her life and about how she is really proud of her children. Also how there was an influential figure in her life. I...

The Unexpected

This is a story of a young mother with a son of age 2 years old speaking about her journey as a mother and her life in general.

Grandma’s life story

I am talking to my Grandma about her life and how she lived, how she grew up.

The new leaders of today

How to lead the younger generation in the right direction

Interview with Martha Seymour

My Nana is a very interesting person. She has many stories to tell. She was once a tomboy, and she had supportive parents. She liked to play outside.

An Inspiration

A strong woman and an amazing single mom to two kids sadly passed away, but the support around the two kids lead one of them to become a teacher as a thank you to the teachers that once supported him....

my superwoman

In this interview my mom talked about the upbringing and challenges she faced in her life. She also mentioned what she was most proudest of and any regrets she had. My mother is such a faithful, strong, and big-hearted woman.

La historia de mi abuelo y gracias a él, él es a razón por la que estoy aquí hoy.

Esta historia es de mi abuelo Darío Sibri, tiene 81 años y Esta es la historia de el y como el llego a los Estados Unidos. La vida de el nunca fue fácil pero lo único que le llevaba adelante...

Spch 1311 story telling assignment

I interviewed my sister today and I got to learn more about her than what I already know which is something I’m glad about.

Alice Ramos 1/20/22

Recounting her life and talking about the future for her children.

Living Through 9-11
November 25, 2017 App Interview

We talked about one woman’s experience on 9-11. We also talked about what she felt and her thoughts on the event.

Quentrell Clark

Quentrell Clark 51 talked with Maria Franklin 35 about life his work history and Covid.

The Pink Fight

I interviewed my grandmother, who had truly inspired me in life, about her journey through fighting cancer.

U.S lit StoryCorp

Today we are talking about some personal challenges and who has help overcome those challenges