Mrs. Hill Gets Interviewed by Jenny Lu
November 30, 2021 App Interview

A talk with Nancy Hill, a mother, Algebra teacher, (and someone who I thought is really funny and loved being around,) shares about the timeline of her life and touches on her childhood, career, toughest moments, proudest moments, as well...

Colin Aleci interviews his mother Helene Aleci about her life and influences.
November 30, 2021 App Interview

I asked my mom some questions about her life growing up and the people that are most important to her and how they shaped her.

An Interview with B

Brian Haynes was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Torrance, California when he was only 10 years old. He is now a film teacher and coach at the highschool he teaches at. He is also married to my mother...

Roger Drong

This interview was recorded at Friendship Village in Kalamazoo

Teacher’s Past

Thomas Wilson talks about how he grew up and became who he is today. He tells us what motivates him everyday and what motivated him to become a teacher. Finally he shares a little bit about his childhood memories.

Interview with Mr.Gawne

I, Fabiola Crespo, was interviewing my anatomy teacher Mr.Gawne. I asked him some personal open-end questions so he could tell me about himself. This is for my civics class for service learning.

Ms. Hawk: The Origin Story

Alex Shapovalova interviews Westridge's fabulous Costume Design teacher about their shared South Pasadena education and fondness of theatre.

The affects of 2020 on being a Fourth Grade Teacher and a Mom.

Lisa Beckford (42) talks with her daughter, Ayanna Beckford (14) about the affects of 2020 on her teaching career and her family.

AP Teachers of Bentonville West

***Warning*** There is a loud, rather obnoxious bell at the end of the interview. | This is an interview between Megan (Dysnomia) Alvey, who as of the interview was a senior in high school about to graduate, and her sophomore...

Interview with Mr. Wilson

Talked about his band career and why he became a band director.

Alice "Putty" Willetts. A Swarthmorean Life.

Alice "Putty" Willetts grew up in Swarthmore, and has lived here nearly 100 years. She is interviewed by her former gym class student who is now also a senior citizen, Barbara Bernhardt. Putty taught gym for decades. She was on...

Kristen Flowers

Kristen Flowers’ mom works here at rocklin high school and has her as one of her own teachers.

JoAnn McCarty and Amy Mack

One Small Step partners JoAnn McCarthy (60) and Amy Mack (63) discuss teaching, the COVID-19 pandemic, and motherhood.

Interview with Ma – Part 1 "so yeah, if it was quirky or weird it was because I was quirky or weird too"

Part 1 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

A Spanish teacher from Missouri remembers the 50’s and 60’s

My interview summary: I interview my grandma about living in the 50's and 60's. She talks about her childhood, and what it was like in high school during a time of racial tension. She talks about taking a group of...