My mom christine

this about how our family has come from different places

Alin vazquez and my sister, Nicollet. – 12-07-2023 19:22:51

Today I was grateful to interview my lovely eleven year old sister, Nicollet. Her unique personality gave out inspiring words and astonishing examples. Three very important questions she was interviewed about was , “Can you describe one of your happiest...

Terry and Debra Buckman

along with Terry Buckman Jr, Ryan and Jessica Allen and Audrey Crane. talked about grandparents, parents and childhood memories.

Jun Choi The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 25, 2023 App Interview

This is my interview with my grandma who I am thankful to have in my life. Her support motivates me to become a better person and this interview is a conversation with her.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Taylor Marshall (16 years) interviewing John Egan (77 years) about life experiences including high school, jobs, and military work.

the great thanksgiving listen
November 28, 2023 App Interview

I, Lillian Richard, interviewed my father, Keith Richard about how it was to raise me and how life was like having me as a child.

brent and kaylee – interview about my dads life and acquired wisdom

I am Kaylee Enders. I am an 18 year old college student and i interviewed my Dad. My Dad means the world to me and i am glad to have got the opportunity to record some of his wisdom.

Food Elder hbeb 560 Sp24

Interview with my Aunt about my grandmothers chicken salad. She reminisced about her mother’s chicken salad & how it can’t be replicated. I explained how my Aunts version is my favorite.

eve r – 12-13-2023 14:27:19

My participant for my interview is my grandmother, Josipa Deranja. She is 86 years old and her birthday is January 28 1937. In my interview I ask her questions about growing up in Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s,...

Luca Patel interview Amit Mirchandani 2023

Interviewer- Luca Patel, 16 Interviewee- Amit Mirchandani, 45 family friend life as a middle aged adult

marines veteran shares what his life was like in 1951

My Grandpa shares some information about what his life was like in 1951. He worked in the Marines for a long time with my dad, so I decided to interview him.

great thanksgiving listen

My mom 50 years old, single, we talked about her life growing up and a bit about politics mostly

Finding A Sister in My Roomate

This recording, shortly express how both me and my roommate met each other and how things have changed since getting to know one another. She exclaims that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone when moving to...

November 26, 2023 App Interview

in the discussion with my grandpa, (Jim Sobleski) i (max Zido) talked to him about what he was most grateful for and his most important life lessons. I also asked him about what he was most proud about. my pap...

George and Melissa Guarracino

This is a conversation between me and my mom. We talk about my late cousin, James Mattioli, who passed in the Sandy Hook school shooting back in 2012. As well as growing up in a house of 5, with pressure...

elementary School Life in Italy 1954-59

This interview discusses what school was like, 1st through 5th grade, in a small town in Northern Italy. Gian Carlo Frigerio, 75, discusses with his granddaughter, 15, for a school assignment.

Interview with Emerson and Ray Yip

17 year old Emerson Yip interviews his dad ,Ray Yip and 55 years old, about his past. They talk about Ray's childhood, family traditions, wisdom he has gained over the years, and a few other topics.

Interviewing my grandpa

Sing my grandpa questions about present day and his childhood

Interview with my grandfather

Today, I did a interview with my grandfather who is 71 years old. I asked him some brief questions about his grandparents. I also asked him about what he feels about todays generation and he said about some social media...

Jaydon Jenks (Peer interview 11/20/23)

Janelle Mariscal age 14, she has had some hard things happen in her family. I was asking her questions about her life.