The Great Listen

I asked my dad a lot of questions about his life and his biggest milestones.

Jazmine Peterson interviews Tomas Woodruff about being in the navy.

My grandfather served in the navy. He was a jet engine machanic. He lived during the civil rights era.

The Great Listen

I talk to my grandfather about his childhood memories and his thanksgiving traditions.

My Uncle Doug

From playing in the woods to working with a major banking Company my Uncle Doug has done it all.

Home Away From Home

14 year old Chris Durant interviewed his aunt, Dinora Durant on her early years in Honduras and then some of her life in Brooklyn, New York. When I asked Dinora what she did in her summers she told Chris about...

Louis and Aunt Ro

It’s about my aunt journeyt throu life and family always has your back

A Conversation With My Mom
December 2, 2019 App Interview

We discuss a little bit of my behavior as a baby and mostly my moms life, career and her experience moving to the united states and being a mom.

My Grandmother's Values

My grandmother talked about what her life was like growing up in Flint, Michigan. She talked on her parents, and what her job as a Nurse was like. She explains why her family is so important, and also her religion

Elder interview

This interview was a part of The Great Listen, and tells you what Abramham Si's life was like.

Alex and Mr. Ricks were beginning to strike up a conversation. “So How are you today?”
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Alex interviews Mr. Ricks on his life and how his childhood to where he is today.

La lucha para Lograr tus Sueños

En esta entrevista, hablamos de los logros de ser madre, hija, y esposa mientras aprendemos de la juventud y madurez.

Interview with my Mother, Maria Pedicord

In this interview, conducted on December 4, 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama, Kaitlyn Pedicord (16) interviews her mother Maria Pedicord about her childhood in Ecuador, her recollection of events that occurred in the United States while she lived here, and events...

Interviewing my grandpa

Sing my grandpa questions about present day and his childhood

Interview w Gram
November 28, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother on anything from her husband (my grandfather). There’s a ton of information here covering 1932-present. Thanks for listening!

Interview of Nancy and Buddy Hamic

I interview my grandparents for a look into their life. They describe their childhoods, their teenage years, their experiences as a young adult, their values in raising a family, and various memories.