Sidharth Raj asks his father Sunder Raj about his childhood.

The interview took place in Marlboro, New Jersey on November 26, 2017. The participants are Sunder Raj and Sidharth Raj, father and son, respectively. Sunder spoke of his childhood, including his family, school, pets, and what he did for fun.

The Great Thanksgiving listen Dalton Johnson and Greg Johnson

I Dalton Johnson (son), and Gregory Johnson(father) ages 17 and 42 talk about Gregory’s life as a child. Also talk about what he does today.

November 27, 2017 App Interview

A very chaotic, authentic interview with the greatest cousins ever. This interview brings you into the life of a very tightly knit family. It captures how college students really feel about school and their outlook on life. Shows how diverse...

Kelly Driscoll and Karen O Connor

Kelly Driscoll (40) speaks with her mother Karen O Connor (73) about Karen's grandchildren, growing up, and the memorable trips they have taken together.

Interview with Mom for COMP

I asked my mom a series of life questions ranging from life lessons to stories from her childhood. I also asked about our annual disney trips that we go on! She definitely came through with some thorough responses.

Thanksgiving interview

During thanksgiving, I asked some questions to my grandpa. I know he’s had a super interesting life, but I wanted to learn more about it.

Mo Moindi-Gekanana getting to know Simon Zgambo
December 4, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, recorded November 27 in Tucson, Arizona. Mo Moindi-Gekanana (16) gets to know their Godfather Simon Zgambo (45) again. The two talk about his childhood, present, religion, their relationship, and crack up some jokes too.

Thanksgiving with Marsha

Marsha and I talked about her family and her relationships with them. And, we talked about her childhood and experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Sharon and Jessica Mohan
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Jessica Mohan interviews her mother, Sharon Mohan, three days after Thanksgiving. They discuss life lessons, childhood stories, and career paths.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A grandmother’s childhood in the war and before air conditioning. As well as the story of how she met her husband.

" My Life was a blessing from God"

Ella Douglass interviewed Kwangsoon Marchall about her life in Korea and her experiences with growing up in a christian household. Today is November 24th, the day after thanksgiving. Today she interviewed her Grandmother and we discussed her life in Korea...

“Not running with the crowd…”

Ethan Forman(16) talks with his Grams, Tema Steel(75) at her successful business, Steele Financial Solutions in Cherry Hill,NJ. They talk about her struggle as a woman entrepreneur in the late 70’s-Early 80’s and her sacrifice for her family. She is...

Tell me a little about yourself?

Thomas Minshall (49) talks with his son, Christopher Minshall (16) about his childhood back in Kennett, Pennsylvania. How a father talks about his life as a kid living in a rural part of Pennsylvania and what it is like growing...

Living through War and coming to America

In this interview, conducted on November 26, in Egg Harbor Township NJ, Samee Khan interviewed his dad Ahsanul Khan about his childhood and coming to America. Ahsanul Khan shares the good times he spent as a kid and what he...

Brea Schaeffer interviews her mother, Jill Schaeffer, about Jill’s adventure through life.

In this interview, Jill Schaeffer (age 44) reflects on her life. The interview is directed in chronological order. It begins with her discussing her childhood. She talks of memories with her family. It then moves to her growing up. She...

Interview with Sedonia Givens – Part 3

This is the final part of a 3 part interview by Jacquelyn Simmons with her great grandmother, Sedonia Givens. In this interview, Ms. Givens talks about how she used to cook for Louisiana Tech coach.

Francesca Mitrano’s interview with Dale Jensen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

This interview takes place on Wednesday, November 17th at 2:15pm, in Canton, MI. Francesca Mitrano (20) interviews her grandma, Dale Jensen (73), for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Dale Jensen recounts her experiences growing up as the youngest sibling and...

The life of a young Cuban girl in the 50’s

Learning about what it’s like to be in the Havana as young child during Fidel Castro’s reign and also the troubles of a teenager in Cuba.

Halayna Ostler interviews her mother, Bethany Ostler about learning to work.

In this interview, conducted in 2021 Albuquerque NewMexico, Halayna Ostler (17) interviews her mother Bethany Ostler (46) about growing up in Utah in the 1980s. Bethany shares stories of working at a young age and what it was like growing...