The Great Thanksgiving listen 2018

My name is yuxuan I am 14 years old. Today is November 25, 2018 and I’m speaking with Mia who is my mom. We are recording this interview in New York Fresh Meadows. I want to interview my mom because...

My Mother

We discussed the raising of children, and the differences between being seventeen versus raising two kids through being seventeen.

“Americans are crazy. They wear earrings on their teeth.”

In this interview, Lynn Daneguy has an insightful conversation with her mother, Angela Daneguy, in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on November 23, 2018. Angela discusses her life as a child and the hardships she overcame. She explains the importance...

La historia de Mamá

We discuss a lot of heavy topics about her life. My mom teaches me a lot about her history, her dreams, regrets, and what she is thankful for.

Allie Chester’s Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2018

In this test recording, Allie Chester at Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey records of practice audio file for this 2018 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Allie Chester is in the 11th grade and...

Grace Duck and her dad talk about his childhood.

Grace Duck (15) and Brandon Duck (45) talk about growing up in Batavia, Illinois. Brandon shares some life lessons and talks about going to church as a young boy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

My grandma was not as driven to do things as she was before. She is a very loyal and caring woman. She is loving , smart and committed. She wants the world to think about what they do and generally...

My Mimi’s Life

My grandma, Diane Captain, looks back at her early life and the Civil Rights Movement. She compares her generation's macho to the current one's social media craze.

Anna and Leana Giliberti Talk About How Life Differs From The Past

In this interview a daughter and her mother talk about what her mothers sees in her and how life now is so different from life before.