Brooke Mitcham and My Uncle Joseph are Talking About Love, Life, and Family

My Uncle and I talked about his love life and his grandparents. We also talked about his disease and how it has changed his life and others around him. He talked about his great grandparents and his grandparents. We talked...

Ockhyreia Merrill And Latosha Jackson talk about Childhood!

This was a deep and inspirational interview. It tells you about my mom’s life, earlier years and currently.

Mary Christine Stellard & Martha Rose Wolf

We talked about important life lessons and how my grandmother learned them.

A History of a Man Interview

I talked with my dad about his life and what decisions he made to get where he is now.

My Grandmother’s Childhood

My grandmother and I talked about her childhood, her siblings, and the early stages of her relationship with my grandfather.

Amazing Interview with Pepe Part 2

In this interview, we talked about my grandfather’s childhood, his parents, his various careers, and our family. His childhood was tough. His various careers and hobbies were absolutely amazing and some how connect to each other. I’ve learned so much...

Paul Bardacke Interview

An interview in which we learn about where my ancestors come and our crazy Christmas tree farm business.

Thanksgiving is where you are grateful – insights from a 6 year old

I interviewed my 6-year-old cousin because I figure kids have some pretty insightful things to offer us as well.

Interview with a strong woman that I call my grandma

Maria is a strong woman that came into the US. She had a rough but wonderful childhood. This interview focuses on our family and her childhood.

Thanksgiving 2018

The Zou family talks their life, advice, and what we’re proudest of!

Interview with Myra Blundetto on the Triumphs and Tribulations of Her Life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Lafayette, NJ, Myra is discussing her memories from her childhood and how her life changed once meeting her husband Carmen. She talks about the struggles of being financially unstable in her childhood,...

Patrick Mansfield and his father Bill talk about Bill’s greatest life experiences

Bill looks up to his father. He is great full for his wife and children. One of his favorite memories is meeting his wife.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen-Ruilin Interviews His Grandmother

My grandma had a rough childhood and considers herself to be against racism. My grandma didn’t have much schooling bacause she had to work at an early age.

Kailey Bean and her dad, Scott, talk about Kailey’s grandma, and what life has been like since her passing.

I’m this interview, in November 2018, Kailey Bean(17) interviews her dad Scott Bean(52) about her deceased grandmother, Shirley. They talk about what life was like when her grandmother was alive, and how life has changed since her passing. Scott talks...

Interview with my dad

This is an interview with my dad about his childhood and some of his experiences growing up on a farm. We talked about how live was growing up on the farm, and if he wished he grow up somewhere else.

Zelinn Fiore and her grandma, Irene Beatriz Mejia, talk about Irene’s childhood.

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Mckinney Texas, Zelinn Fiore (14) interviews her grandma Irene Beatriz Majia about her childhood and growing up in the U.S. Irene talks about her family and her childhood. She also talks about school...

Thanksgiving Day
November 26, 2018 App Interview

We had a conversation about parenting and about his life as a child.

Mom & Me

We talked about stories from my mom’s childhood, important things she’a learned about in life, and more.

My Dad tells about his Life Stories

On November 25, 2018 in Los Angelos CA, I will be interviewing Rodan Ubungen, or in other words my Dad! He was born on September 24, 1981 in Baguio City, Philippines. Then immigrated to the United States with him and...

1st interview: Carlos De Anda
November 25, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my cousin’s husband. I wanted to know more about the new addition to our family.

Jesse Weaver talks about his childhood.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Monique Washington interviews her grandfather Jesse Weaver about his childhood. Mr.Weaver shares stories about him involved in the army. He also will discuss his past jobs, Sports, and advice to...