Margaret King, Lucy King, Kyla Gomez, and Ayla Gomez

Margaret King (76) talks with her granddaughter, Lucy King (17), and friends, Kyla Gomez (16) and Ayla Gomez (16), about her experience during the Vietnam War in the United States.

Grandpa looking back at the 1960’s

I asked my grandpa about what the 1960’s was like and his opinions on events that happened then

Kathy Jacquart and Patricia Jacquart

Kathy: 2020-05-27 23:28:00 Kathy Jacquart (53) talks with her mother, Patricia Jacquart, about her life, her education, her teaching career and her thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic. Patricia share fond memories, lessons learned and advice for future generations.

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about my grandpas life when he was younger, his experience in the Vietnam War, and his reflections on his life.

Interview with Grandpa

My Grandpa joined the military during the Vietnam was. He knew he would be drafted if he hadn’t joined, and was doing everything he could to avoid combat.

Michael Davis interview Vietnam Draft

We talked about my Grandfather serving in the army and where exactly he served

“I was drafted into the US army at age 20”

“My tank was severely broken and instead of giving up, I became the cooking sergeant.” On January 6th, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, Caroline Rehder sat down with her grandfather, Greg Palmer, to hear his experiences from being drafted into...

Francis Long – The Vietnam War

In this interview we talking about the Vietnam war and how it affected my grandpas life and kind of how it affected life in general as well.

Living History project

Tom Nelson describes his experience as a Marine Captain in the Vietnam war.

1960s Interview

The interviewee was a teenager during the 1950s and 1960s, growing up in a Lutheran family. In this interview he recounts his memories of the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Apollo 11 mission, and experience in sports.

Vietnam war interview

Interview about life during Vietnam war

1960s US History Interview

This is an interview of Mary Lapin, a highschool and college student during the 1960s. She shares information about the 1960s culture, civil rights movement, and entertainment.

1960’s 1970’s growing up

My grandmother lived during the 60’s and 70’s and she explained the hardships and goods of those time periods

My Grandmothers experience as a psychologist during the Vietnam War by Isabella Valenti
May 21, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother (Maggie Marshall) who is a psychologist and she talked about her experience in that field especially during the Vietnam War dealing with victims.

Vietnam interview

In this interview with my great uncle he talks about the experiences his father in law had in the war. He also talked about how the war affected our own country.

how the Vietnam war impacted my Papa

The Vietnam war affected Paul in a different way than expected. To ensure he wouldn’t get drafted to war he joined the National armed forces. This made it possible for you to be here today.

Ian and Pop Pop- 12/29/21

We sat down for about 20 minutes and talked about some politics, life lessons and mainly his time in the Vietnam War, and the book he wrote about his experience.