From Vietnam to America: Dau

This is an interview with my grandpa Dau who was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War. He was captured and forced to stay in a communist prison camp where they were forced to do manual labor in order...

Insa Wood with Jerry & Helga Bell

Helga and Jerry Bell tell their daughter Insa Wood about the first couple years of their marriage in the mid 1960's as Jerry prepares to go to Vietnam.

Wilson after the Vietnam War
September 8, 2021 App Interview

Wilson’s account of life and recovery after the war

Donna and George Williams discuss their lives and marriage

In this interview, Donna and George Williams tell Sarah Beth Corona about their lives as Americans during events such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and President Kennedy’s assassination. The two have been married for 51 years and...

A Spanish teacher from Missouri remembers the 50’s and 60’s

My interview summary: I interview my grandma about living in the 50's and 60's. She talks about her childhood, and what it was like in high school during a time of racial tension. She talks about taking a group of...

Interview with my Grandfather

In this interview, I get to know my grandfather better who experienced hardship in his life. As one who lived through the Korean War as a child, my grandfather would go on to serve in the Korean Army as a...

Evelyn Barnett asks her Papa Richard Harless about what it was like being in the military and how he met her Nana. Pt 3

I ask my Papa about his how he met my Nana and his time in the Military. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed...

“ It’s a poor day if you don’t learn something new.”
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, recorded on November 24 2018, Don Cornelius, who is a resident of Halifax, Virginia, is interviewed by his granddaughter, Erin Kee, a resident of Egg Harbor township. Don is asked about his life and childhood via phone...

My Grandpa Was a Vietnam Medic

In this interview, my Grandfather goes into detail about his time enlisted as a Medic during the Vietnam war.

Francis Long – The Vietnam War

In this interview we talking about the Vietnam war and how it affected my grandpas life and kind of how it affected life in general as well.

Interview 3
December 18, 2018 App Interview

Third part of the interview with Thomas O’Toole.

Stories from the Pilot of the Last Plane out of Saigon

We talked with Mr. Greg Chase, who served in the Vietnam War and flew the last military C 130 out of Saigon.

LHP Vietnam War

My Grandpa’s experience in the Vietnam War

Uncle Butch

A conversation with my uncle Butch about his life.

Andy Davis

Ancestors history, his religion, his parents.

History interview

We talked about her family and how she was impacted by the war. We also talked about some family heritage.