Interview With My Dad!

During the interview, my dad spoke about his childhood growing up in Vietnam. He describes his life before, during, and after the Vietnam War.

Julia Pham and Khoa Pham (father) discuss childhood memories, cultural influence, and parenthood.

On November 26, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, Julia Pham (14) and her father, Khoa Pham (50) talk about his childhood in Vietnam and high school experience. He speaks about his experience being an immigrant at 15 years old and...

Interview with Grandpa

My Grandpa joined the military during the Vietnam was. He knew he would be drafted if he hadn’t joined, and was doing everything he could to avoid combat.

The Vietnam War

Interviewing my grandmother about her experience growing up in the era of the Vietnam War

Vietnam War interview

This is the summary of how my uncle received the purple heart in the Vietnam War. Also, his thoughts on the politics behind it.

Story Corps Interview: Robert Radock and his experience in the military

In this interview, recorded on December 12th, 2019, Robert Radock (74) discusses his service in the Vietnam war. He reports traumatic events as well as how this experience impacted him. Moving forward he begins to discuss his later life and...

An interview with Grandpa Charleston about the Vietnam War

My grandpa talks about his experience with being drafted in the war and how he felt about the United States being involved in the war.

Grandpa looking back at the 1960’s

I asked my grandpa about what the 1960’s was like and his opinions on events that happened then

Tata’s Military History

We talked about my Grandfather’s history in the military. The places, people, and schools that shape people in the service.

Millie Greene and her grandfather, Barry Whitehouse, talk about life in the mid-1900s.

Me and my grandfather, Barry, talked about growing up in Virginia, being in the military during the Vietnam War, and the impacts of segregation in his life. He talks about what school was like through elementary, junior high, and high...

Tuan Cao STORY Interview

On April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War ended with the nation falling to communism. In this interview, Tuan Cao recounts his experiences living Communist Vietnam and his escape to the United States.

Vietnam War

In this interview, I talked about if the American Soldiers were prepared for the Vietnam War.

Interview with John Wilkirson (Vietnam Veteran)

Julia Oliveira is a Freshman at Berry College. Hannah Cunningham is her roommate from Arizona. John Wilkirson is Hannah’s grandfather, a Vietnam Veteran. Around minute 26, John tells a very emotional and touching story while he was in Vietnam. God...

Progress and Paradox: The Vietnam War

In this interview, conducted in February 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, Kyler Hamilton interviews his god-father, Philip Morris, about the Vietnam War. This interview captures Morris' history with his family, friends, and service.

Mae Mae Daniels interviews her grandmother, Janet Haas, about her life growing up in the 20th century.

In this interview, Mae Mae Daniels (16) talks with her grandmother, Janet Haas (72). They discussed Janet’s eventful life and her views on history. Janet also sheds light on growing up in such a different generation and the impactful historical...

Ken Interview

My dad talks about his experience in the Vietnam War and how he came to the United States

the greatest interview ever

We talked about his time in Vietnam and his time in the medical field