Gaby talks about her childhood memories and life experiences.

Summer time

Asked my friend Logan some questions about a statue and his grandparents he’s a lovely person.

Hockey with Sam and Elle

In this interview, my sibling and I talked about our youth hockey careers and about the sport of hockey we enjoy the most.

1980 “Miracle On Ice”

The 1980 Winter Olympics were monumental for the United States as the men’s hockey team upset the heavily favored Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. This interview highlights the importance and significance of the win in context...

The Oldest Child

We talked about Jim’s childhood, grandparents, where he grew up, and hobbies. We also talked about why he moved to Utah and married my mom. Another topic was who influenced his life with work and sports.

Ronald Joseph Mazzone (82) and his great niece discuss about being an adolescant in the 50’s in Chicago, IL.

In this interview, taken place in Chicago, Illinois in November 2017, Natasha Mazzone (15) interviews her great uncle Ronald Joseph Mazzone (82). Ron lives in Chandler, Arizona, therefore this interview was recorded over the phone. In this interview, Ron discusses...

Room 205 talk

Talking about high school, college, sports and everything in between.

1980 Winter Olympics “Miracle on Ice” USA vs USSR

During the time of the 1980 Winter Olympics the US and Soviet Union were in the midst of the Cold War. The United States men’s hockey team were a heavy underdog in their matchup against the mighty Soviet. The US...